Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday Afternoon Tea - .01

Happy Tuesday, my friends, and welcome to Tuesday Tea!

Tuesday Tea is a post that I hope will become a regular feature here at A Gathering of Days, and today is the first installment.

Tuesday Tea is something that has been part of our family for a number of years, going back to when the girls were little and we were a homeschooling family.  On Tuesday afternoon I would sit a pretty table, pour us a cup of tea or other beverage, and usually tried to include a special pastry or other snack to go along with it.  Sometimes we would read a chapter from a book, read poetry, or just sit and visit.  And while we didn't do it every week, when we were able to make it happen, it was always a special time.

That being said, I **hope** to visit with you over tea each week, but we all know how life often has other plans!  So if not every week, it will at least be a frequent post and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

Each week I will share a picture of my tea time setting, the cup I drank from, what I drank, as well as any treats I added!  If it's something home made, I'll share the recipe, as well! I will also share a favorite passage or quote from a book or perhaps a favorite poem.  And all you have to do is the same!  Over the next week I'll try to refamiliarize myself with how link-ups work, but you can also just leave your pictures and passages in the comments if you want, and until I can get things up and running!

As another alternative, I'm also sharing this post with my Facebook Group, if you'd like to join us!  We are just getting things started there, but in the near future I will be sharing resources and printable that will be exclusively for group members, so if you don't want to miss out on the fun be sure to join!  Here is the link!

And now with further delay, here is a picture of my "tea time" from this afternoon.

Don't you just love that mug?  "Cozy" is one of my favorite words and atmospheres to create, so the minute I saw it I knew I had to make it mine!

Today, rather than tea, I actually had an afternoon cup of coffee!  Most of my tea is decaf, and if you look just behind that little cup you can see that my Christmas tree is up!  I lovely decorating our house and making it all "cozy" for Christmas, but I will say, the older I get, the longer it is taking me!  I did get most of it done today, and by tomorrow I should have everything the way I like it.  It seems like every year I find myself tweaking things in the weeks leading up to Christmas itself, but I take a lot of pleasure in making things look just right!

That being said, after all that decorating I needed a little pick me up, thus the reason for the coffee!  I paired it with a cup of Trader Joe's Maple Leaf cookies, which are one my all time favorites!

With all of the preparations for the holidays I haven't had much time for reading recently, but I do have a couple of books that I plan on starting this week, so hopefully next week I'll have a passage or quote to share with you!

And now I'm off to rest and relax.  I think I might watch a Christmas movie, or do a little cross stitching!  I pray your evening will be blessed and I'll see you here again soon!

Until then,

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