Thursday, December 27, 2018

Gathering Days in January


Overview for January


8 - Remembrance Day - Charles M. "Bill" Hutsell - Grandpa
20-21 - Christmas and birthday celebration with Jenna & John
21- Bill's Birthday


1 - New Years Day
4 - National Spaghetti Day
- serve Chicken Spaghetti for dinner.
5 - National Bird Day
- spend some time outside today,
the first bird you see, is your bird for the year!
6 - National Cuddle Up Day
- create a cozy spot on the couch or bed
and watch a movie! 
8 - National Bubble Bath Day
- this one's pretty self explanatory!
Draw up a nice, warm bubble bath!
11 - National Milk Day
I've been wanting to add this to my nightly
routine for awhile now, and what better day to start?
13 - National Sunday Supper Day
Setting a pretty table and sharing a special meal
on Sunday's is one of my intentions for 2019!
(I'll share more about this soon!)
14 - National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
- I'm going to take a little different approach to this
and make Turkey Reuben sandwiches instead!
I made these several years ago, and everyone loved them!
18 - National Winnie The Pooh Day
- Winnie The Pooh has long been a favorite of mine!
I think I'll plan to watch one of these movies,
22 - National Blonde Brownie Day
Blondies have long been a favorite of mine,
and this recipe, is my favorite!
23 - National Pie Day
My mother's chocolate pie is simply the best!
Maybe I'll make one!
24 - National Peanut Butter Day
- bake up a batch of Peanut Butter cookies for Kate's co-workers!
27 - National Chocolate Cake Day
Hershey's Black Magic Cake is hands down the best chocolate
cake I've ever tasted!
29 - National Puzzle Day
Bill surprised me on Christmas morning with a puzzle board/box
so that I would have a place to work on my puzzles and leave them undisturbed!
He also got me two wonderful puzzles, both 1000 pieces and quite involved!
We started one of them on Christmas Day, and hopefully by this day, we'll be
ready to begin another!
National Corn Chip Day
The 29th is also National Corn Chip day, and since we will be deep into January,
I think I'll make a big pot of Cincinnati Chili to enjoy along with working on 
our puzzles!
31 - National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
I hope to find a local art museum and visit it on this day,
but if not, I'll choose from one these virtual tours.


Focus for January

- Take down Christmas decorations
- Organize Christmas storage bins (downsize)
- Reorganize closets and storage to create a better flow.
- Wash throws and blankets
- Set up a craft area? - Organize materials


- Set reading goals and make schedule.
- Make a reading journal.
- Dive into my two latest issues of Bella Grace.
- Put together a "Sore Throat and Tummy Soothers" Basket
- Keep plenty of special spices, cloves, star anise, cardamom pods, vanilla bean,
on hand for cozy winter drinks, such as Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger Iced Tea,
Craft or Cross Stitch, every day!

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