Monday, December 10, 2018

On A Monday

We are still digging out from yesterday's history making snow storm.  Local meteorologists say it was the largest December snowfall since 1908, with most places in our area seeing a foot or more of snow. Bill measured it when we went out yesterday and it was right at 11", but I know it continued to snow for a good while after that, so I'm guessing we probably ended up somewhere in the 12" - 14" range. It was absolutely lovely, and in all honesty, I was hoping it would linger a bit longer. But with most of the major roads being passable today, Bill went in to work. Kate, however, being 19 and having never driven on snowy roads, was able to negotiate her work schedule and spent the day working on school. She's got one more week in this semester and she'll be able to fully engage in and enjoy the holiday season a little more. Knowing she had a busy day ahead, I made up a batch of her favorite cinnamon rolls this morning. Nothing special, just Pillsbury, but they are SO good! I may have had one or two myself, ;).

Last week she and I went out and did a little Christmas shopping and American Eagle had their flannel shirts marked down to 50% off. I could not resist, and while purchasing this one means I will need to eliminate something else in my closet, this one was just so lovely it was definitely worth it! I also came across these absolutely beautiful socks, also on sale. I am such a sucker when it comes to flannel shirts and socks! It's kind of an obsession. But honestly, aren't they both just beautiful? They are so warm and soft! It's made today truly ~~**COZY**~~, especially with my favorite fleece lined leggings. I got them at Target back in September and I hope to get a black pair, soon.

I did a little decorating over the weekend and put up the greenery. I'll be sharing more pictures in the days ahead, but this particular shelf is in my bathroom.  I decided this year to put all of the snowmen in the bathroom and I just love the way it turned out. I also did some crafting, and this morning I began work on a cute little bunting. I'm not sure yet if I will keep it for myself, or give it as a gift, or perhaps I'll just make two? They work up rather quickly, so maybe I will. I do have a number of things left to make for my annual gift exchange with my aunt, and I'm taking part in a "Cozy Christmas Gift Exchange" with a few friends. I won't post pics of those until after they've received them, though. What fun would there be in that?

And now I must be off.  I've got a meat loaf in the oven and mashed potatoes on the burner waiting to be mashed up. I pray that you will have a blessed evening, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Afternoon Tea!

Until then,

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