Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tuesday Afternoon Tea (On A Wednesday)

I stopped for a few minutes this afternoon for tea. which was rescheduled from yesterday, because when your husband wants to spend the afternoon Christmas shopping with you, you don't turn him down.  I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen today, either, and while it wasn't exactly the setting I prefer for tea, I simply had too much to do to get my hand made Christmas gifts finished.  I have two boxes going out to family members this week, and then on Sunday my girlfriends and I are taking a trip to Charlottesville and sharing in a ~~**COZY CHRISTMAS**~~ gift exchange.  I can't wait, not only to spend time with my girls, but to visit Trader Joes, Wegmans and Whole Foods! 

Today I made my tea in my favorite tea steeping cup from Tea Forte (non-affiliate).  I just love this cup, so much that I have the one pictured,  which is called cranberry, and I also have the cherry blossom design. I've got my eye on another one as well, pistachio, which is a lovely green and just happens to be on sale right now.  My choice for tea today was another blend from The Spice and Tea Exchange, Cinnamon Plum and it was SO good!  I didn't have any special treats, as I still haven't been able to get any baking done! I hope that I will finally be able to do a little on Friday. And finally, the lotion you see there in the corner is just lovely, and you can believe it, I got it at Dollar Tree? I'm going to go back at some point this week and see if they have any more because I really like it, and what's not to like when its only a dollar, right?

And now I must be off. I think I'm going to cozy up in bed under some warm blankets and cross stitch for awhile.  But I'll be back soon and we'll catch up then!

Until then,

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