Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter Solstice 2018

Winter arrived at 5:23 p.m. in the Northern Hemisphere tonight, and I celebrated the occasion, albeit a **bit** untraditionally, I was able to incorporate a few of my favorite things.

My plans were originally much more involved, but. . . .life.  You know how that is, right? With Kate working full time this year, and being in college, her time is very limited, so it has been difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules. With that, we decided to break with tradition and instead of making Grammy's Cabbage Soup, we decided to combine two traditions into one and watch A Christmas Story and order Chinese. But then at the last minute Kate was invited to a party and Bill texted to say he had to work late, so that even our revised plans were revised, once again. I ended up eating a roast beef sandwich and didn't even turn on the t.v. I'll admit, I was more than a little disappointed at first, but in the end it turned out fine.

It wasn't until after dinner that I decided I wanted something a little sweet. So I and make myself a cup of tea and enjoy some gingerbread. Even the gingerbread was store bought this year. That is just how crazy things have been, and thankfully it tasted pretty good! Rather than making lemon sauce, which I still may get around too, I just dusted it a little with some powdered sugar and cut up a clementine to go along with it.

For my tea I chose Craving Crusher again!  It's such a beautiful tea and has such a lovely flavor, and I loved the combination of the slightly tart tea with the sweet gingerbread.  But what excited the most was using my little cast iron kettle, which I gifted myself this past weekend.  My girlfriends and I went on a day trip to Charlottesville and while we were there we stopped in at World Market.  I've been on the hunt for one of these little teapots for awhile now, and I was so excited when I found this one!  The little base you see is for a tea light, which you use to keep your tea warm!  It's almost as lovely just by itself! I wasn't sure how well the tea light would work, but I ended up spending some time catching up on some of my favorite blogs. and the tea was warm enough to pour myself a second cup!  It's such a lovely little piece. and I'm so happy to have it! The beautiful red cup and plate came from World Market too!  I had never been to one before this past weekend, but I will definitely be back!

One tradition that I did keep was making a solstice spiral, which you can see in the very first picture at the top.  I used clementines for my candle holders this year, and added the little white pumpkin to the center. I love how natural it looks, and I thought the winter white pumpkin was fitting as autumn has now ended. The wooden base you see in the center is a table top labyrinth, adorned with greenery around the edges.  I just love the way it turned out, and it looked especially pretty when I lit the candles earlier this evening.

Even though I wasn't able to accomplish everything I had hoped to, and in spite of the fact that our lives and traditions are changing, it was a lovely day. And now I think I'll relax for the rest of the evening, maybe do a little cross stitching and watch a Christmas movie!  Here's wishing you a lovely weekend, and a warm and happy Winter Solstice!

Until then,

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