Friday, January 4, 2019

A Considered Childhood

Home education was a big part of my life for over twenty years, and as such I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and resources in that time that I still enjoy sharing with others.

But since that is not the primary focus of this blog, I've been struggling with how to make this information available. With that, I've renamed and relaunched another blog where I posted regularly for many years. Originally titled Graceful Girlhood, as it chronicled my own daughter's educational journey, it will now be known as A Considered Childhood.

I've been going back through the countless posts recently, changing out some of the graphics and insuring that the links are still working, and I'm so happy to be able to share on this subject once again!

I'll be adding a link to my side bar soon, but I've also redirected the "Home Education" button above to link directly to that blog.

If you are a new or even a veteran homeschooling mom, or even if your children are in public school, you might want to take a look and peruse the wealth of ideas and resources that I have in store for you there! I know I gleaned and learned from others who had gone before me for years, and to be honest, the majority of my posts will link you to the women I consider to be "the experts", but I'll be including some of my own ideas and resources I personally created, too! I think you'll find some gems there that you won't find anywhere else! So be sure to stop in at A Considered Childhood and say hello!

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