Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Remembering Grandpa

My paternal grandfather, Charles Milton "Bill" Hutsell, was born on this day in 1902.  He was named after his father, though I'm not sure how he acquired the nick name of "Bill", since it is neither short for Charles or Milton.  I believe he served in the navy during World War I, and he married my grandmother on November 11, 1922, when they were both twenty years old.  I was born on their anniversary thirty nine years later.

I was never very close to my paternal grandparents, which is something I now regret. They were both nearing sixty by the time I was born, and though I loved them and have many fond memories of being in their home, I never developed the bond with them that I shared with my maternal grandparents.

Remembering my loved ones who have already passed and making small memorials is something I have decided to make a part of our lives this year, using birthdays rather than the date of their passing to mark each remembrance.

I read somewhere that when you see a cardinal that it means that a loved one who has passed is near. And while I don't believe that the spirits of the dead are still among us, I do think it is nice to reflect upon those we love at each occurrence of seeing one. That is why I found it fitting to keep this lovely cardinal ornament out this year and make it part of our little memorials. After today I will place this picture back on the shelf where it is kept along with the cardinal, until the next remembrance which will be for my husband's mother on February 2.

This is the first memorial I've set up, and I'm already enjoying it. I have it out on the coffee table and I've been working nearby today. Each time as I look up at the little candle I've lit and and at his picture, I am washed in memories. I am looking forward to each remembrance that will come throughout the year, and to the fond memories each one will bring.

Until then,

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