Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Anne of Green Gables - To Rent or Own On Gazebo

Recently I discovered GazeboTV, a division of Sullivan Entertainment which brought us the acclaimed Anne of Green Gables, and the lovely sequel, Anne of Avonlea.  There are actually two more installments that follow this, Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, which in my opinion should actually be titled, The "Reinvented Story", as it completely diverted from the original texts. The fourth installment, Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning is just as bad with regards to keeping with the original story. It has always perplexed me why they chose to divert so from the wonderful story line that L.M. left for us, for who would have not loved to have met Anne and Gilbert's children?  None the less, if you are nursing a cold or the flu, as I am today, and you can get past the fact that the last two installments are basically stand alone stories that only feature the original characters, it can make for a nice diversion for a few days.

I'm sure if you are like me, many of you added these to your personal home library years ago, but just in case that DVD is a bit worn, as mine is, or if you'd prefer to own a digital copy, the prices here seem pretty reasonable to me. I will let you know that in most cases, especially with the series, purchasing them is the best value. You have 4 days from the day you rent the title to watch it, and with a series, even if you're only renting one season, it would be hard to get through without binge watching. With most of the series, it is cheaper to buy all of the seasons at once, albeit, a little pricey for a one time purchase. They are available to purchase by season or by episode, which costs more in the end, but might be easier on the budget in the here and now.

You can also purchase the complete collection, all four movies, for $39.99 which in the end is only a few dollars shy of giving you the third or fourth installment for free. That's not a bad deal, again if you don't mind the story variations, but if you only want the first two installments, as many do, it's a better value to purchase them individually.  

You can almost always find good, used copies of these on Amazon, often for less than these prices.  But in this case you are purchasing a used DVD which isn't going to last as long as digital, so it really just depends on your preference.  They are most likely available for digital purchase from Amazon too, I've just never inquired as I own my own copies.  That would be worth looking into, though, if the prices are comparable.  At any rate, I do want to include that I not promoting this as an affiliate, I just like passing on appealing resources as I come across them!

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