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Gathering Days In February


Overview for February
2 - Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas)
11 - Our Lady of Lourdes
14 - Saint Valentine's Day

These are the days that I personally observe, but there are many others.
You can find the complete calendar for the month of February, here.


2 - Remembrance Day - Betty Lottman - Bill's Mother


2 - Ground Hog's Day
- according to Phil, we will have an early spring!
3 - National Carrot Cake Day
- this post says this is the PERFECT carrot cake.
It's perfect for me because it's not a layer cake, which is much more work.
4 - National Homemade Soup Day
- you'll find 50 Winter Soups to Cozy Up To
here, and I've found that just about anything from 
Taste of Home, is good.
9 - National Pizza Day
What's your favorite pizza?  Confession, I'm not much of a fan.
It's all the tomato sauce!  But I know I'm pretty outnumbered in this,
so whatever your favorite is, today is the day to indulge!
As for me, IF I indulge, I might try this recipe out!
- National Bagel Day
- Since I am not a fan of pizza, I think I will celebrate
National Bagel Day in a big way!
My favorite, Asiago Cream Cheese with Jalapeño Cream Cheese!
DELISH!  I get them from Blue Ridge Bagels, but if you want to make
your own I found this recipe.  Yeast is not my friend, however, so
for the money, I'll let the bagel bakers do it!
10 - National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
- unlike the previously mentioned bagels, 
this recipe does not require working with yeast.
It is do-able and looks delish!
11 - National Clean Out Your Computer Day
I have a Mac, and found this article
5 Tips To Speed Up Your Mac
If you don't use a Mac, here's how to
Optimize Windows For Better Performance
14 - Valentine's Day
To be honest, I've never been particularly big on Valentine's Day,
so lucky for my husband, my expectations (if I even have any)
are pretty low.  Creativity and experiences mean more to me
than gifts, and I found this article that has some great ideas,
at least, I would be happy with any of them!
- National Organ Donor's Day
I'm an organ donor, are you?
No guilt or pressure here, AT ALL!
But, if you're considering it, you can learn more
and sign up, here.
17 - National Random Acts of Kindness Day
- Personally, I think this should be celebrated every day,
but it's nice that there is a specific day set aside for it.
To learn more, visit the Random Acts of Kindness website.
18 - President's Day
Who is your favorite president, and why?
Mine is Ronald Reagan, probably because I turned 18
and he was the first president I was old enough to vote for, 
so it's primarily sentimental, even though I do think he was
a good president.  Other favorites include Thomas Jefferson,
and Barack Obama. I have never aligned myself with a "party",
I vote for the man/woman, based upon personal beliefs and 
preferences that I do not discuss (I'm not going to debate).
Some years that might be a Republican, and other years a Democrat.
Most years, it is, sadly, the lesser of two evils. :(
20 - National Love Your Pet Day
I swore several years ago never to allow myself to become
attached to an animal again.  Famous last words!
I do love our little chiweenie, Bandit!
I think I might make him some of these!
22 - National Sweet Potato Day
I LOVE Sweet Potato Fries, and these with Chili Cilantro cream, 
sound amazing! With or without the cream, they make the
perfect side dish to Turkey Rueben Sandwich, which
I posted in January!  But it's so good, I'm posting it again!
23 - National Banana Nut Bread Day
- there's nothing better than a slice of banana nut bread fresh out of the oven!
This is my favorite recipe, although with any recipe, I tend to go a little heavier on the spices!
24 - National Tortilla Chip Day
A couple of years ago I started making my own flour tortillas.  If you've never done so,
you will never turn back.  They-simply-can-not-be-beat! So good! Here is the recipe I use,
but I don't own a stand mixer so I just mix it with my hands.  However, I have never tried
making my own tortilla chips.  I might try this recipe!
26 - National Fairy Tale Day
If you grew up watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, like I did, then you
are probably familiar with Fractured Fairytales. I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle,
but Fractured Fairytales quickly became a favorite.  A few years ago I bought 
them on DVD and every now and then I'll pop one in just for the nostalgia! But
several of them are available for **FREE** on YouTube
28 - National Chili Day
I'm from Texas, but I still like beans in my chili, and
Cincinnati Chili is my favorite! I don't need a special day
to give me an excuse to make it, I love it so much I make it year round.
But since it's National Chili Day, in my book, it's the only way to go!


Before we move on to February, let's review
how I did in January.

Focus for January 

- Take down Christmas decorations  
- Organize Christmas storage bins (downsize) 
I did manage to downsize, some, but more is needed. 
- Reorganize closets and storage to create a better flow. 
This made SUCH a difference in the flow of this little apartment,
and gave Bill much needed room in his closet! My office supplies
are a bit tight in the little cabinet I moved them too, but my goal is
eliminate some of the old files, etc. to make more room.  And, 
no one, I mean NO ONE, needs as many pens and pencils as we own!
- Wash throws and blankets x
Still need to do this, add to February list.
 - Set up a craft area? - Organize materials x
I decided against setting up an "area" so to speak, because
to do so I'm afraid would make things looks too busy.
We live in a small, open concept apartment with limited space.
It already looks busy, and I think a bunch of craft stuff being out
all the time, would make things even busier.  
Not sure what the solution is on this one, because right now it's all
stored under my bed and not the easy to get in and out, which means,
I'm not inspire to craft even when I want to?

And now, here is the  . . .

Focus for February

- Review budget
- Set up monthly recipe envelopes
- Continue shopping the freezer and pantry first
when planning menus.
- Open a savings account for myself.

From January
- Wash throws and blankets.


These were my goals for January and I . . .
didn't do ANY of them!  So sad!
So, they are now my goals for February! :)

- Set reading goals and make schedule.
- Make a reading journal.
- Dive into my two latest issues of Bella Grace.
- Put together a "Sore Throat and Tummy Soothers" Basket
- Keep plenty of special spices, cloves, star anise, cardamom pods, vanilla bean,
on hand for cozy winter drinks, such as Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger Iced Tea,
Craft or Cross Stitch, every day!

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