Monday, May 27, 2019

Make It Mid June Summer Meal Challenge - The First Three Days

Good afternoon, friends!  Happy Memorial Day!

I shared some news earlier today on my Facebook page, but for those of you who don't follow me there, and you totally should, I made the announcement that we are . . . MOVING!  Not out of state, just into the next city, but we are SOOOO excited! We've been living in a one room efficiency apartment since last October, that is , the three of us, me, my husband and our twenty year old daughter. And while it worked out better than any of us originally thought it would, it is definitely time for a change! Anyway, I won't spend a lot of time talking about that today, because I'm sure I'll be sharing more over the next few weeks as our move in date gets closer, we move in June 14!

With that in mind, however, I've decided to challenge myself to empty out our freezer, refrigerator and pantry as much as possible between now and then, which means, making meals as much as possible with what we already have on hand. I am sure we will be fine for dinner, but I'm a little less sure about ideas for breakfast and lunch. I'm not concerned about myself, since I never eat much for lunch. But with Bill and Kate both working, they will need meals, and breakfast is another area that has me wondering if I can pull this off. But, I'm determined to give it my best shot! Of course there will still be things like milk, bread, eggs, and the like that we will have to replace a few times, but as far as meat and most other ingredients, I'm going to to see if I can make it for three weeks on what we have.

I should probably sit down and make up a menu, and you know, if I were more organized at the moment, that might be a good idea. But did I mention we're moving?  Yes, so that means things are going to be a little busy and a bit disorganized for the new several weeks. I have to keep things simple, so today I only planned for three days, and here's what I've come up with so far.

Breakfast - Eggs, Toast, Coffee
Lunch - Bill  - Salad, Kim & Kate - Macaroni and Cheese, Water
Dinner - Steak Kabobs, Macoroni Salad, Water

Breakfast - Bill - Eggs, Kim - Ham & Cheese Biscuit, Kate - typically doesn't eat breakfast, Coffee
Lunch - Bill - Salad, Kim & Kate - Macaroni and Cheese, Water
Dinner - Jalapeño Poppers, Pinto Beans, Guacamole

Breakfast - Bill / Kim - Ham & Cheese Quiche, Coffee
Lunch - Bill - Salad, Kim & Kate - Turkey Bacon Sandwich, Chips, Water
Dinner  - Leftovers From Previous Two Days, Water

I have everything I needed for the meals for the first three days, and was happy to use up two half filled boxes of macaroni noodles! They were two different sizes, but who cares, it keeps things interesting, I guess. Since there are only three of us, I cooked it all up, divided it in half and made macaroni salad with one part and macaroni and cheese with the other.  That's the macaroni salad you see in the picture above with the macaroni and cheese at the top.  I used this recipe for the macaroni salad and it turned out really good. I didn't have pimentos though, and since it was optional, I just diced up some tomatoes and used it for a bit of color. As for the macaroni and cheese, that is a recipe that I've been making for years and actually found in a Strawberry Shortcake cookbook that Kate had when she was little. It's our absolute favorite. I haven't used the actual measurements in years and the cookbook is long gone.  Maybe if I come across one in a thrift store some day, I'll take a picture of the recipe and post it. I use pepper jack cheese in ours to give it a little kick.  It is so good!

Putting these meals together has really inspired me with some ideas for the upcoming days! After this, I'll have sixteen more days to go! My plan is to take an inventory of everything I have in the freezer and pantry and make a preliminary plan. My objective is to not only save us money by not buying more food, but also to have less to pack and move!  I'd like to start out in our new home with a fresh bill of groceries and some new ideas on the menu plan for the rest of the summer.

And with that, I need to get the kabobs on the grill friends!  I'll be checking back in and updating you on the other meals I plan and keep a running total of things if I have to purchase ingredients to round things out, but I'm hoping to keep that to a minimum. Just like today when I substituted tomatoes for pimentos, if an ingredient isn't essential or I can substitute it with something else, I'll do that before I go out and buy anything.

Until then, friends, wish me luck!


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