Saturday, May 11, 2019

Show & Tell - Small Discoveries From Ordinary Life - .02

Here's a half dozen discoveries I came across this week, and felt were worthy to share!  

1. Rocky Hedge Farm
I knew I'd found a kindred spirit the moment Sarah described herself as a "hang laundry from the line, cook from scratch kind of girl".  In perusing her offerings you be surprised to learn that the pictures featured are actually of her double wide manufactured home! I've loved everything I've seen and read here! But this morning I spent some time taking in her seasonal posts, and as you might guess, I think they were my favorite! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, because you will be here for awhile!

2. At The Welcome Table, Breaking Bread Around The World  Part I and Part II
Plough (which is more than worthy of your time itself), asked five friends from five distinctly different places throughout the world to share what hospitality looks like. Interesting reading!

3.When Dreams Wake Up Different
As a 50+ dreamer myself, I found this article inspiring.  I adore her admonishment;

"I can either do nothing at all, or "wake up, little dream!"

Even if you only have one talent, for even the "one-talent servant was expected to somehow expected to invest what the Master had invested in him.", and you have a little dream that's been collecting dust for awhile, maybe this article will inspire you to brush it off and give it a go!

I love this article and couldn't agree more with the suggestions outlined to live a quieter life. And while this article does not reference such, I am often alarmed by the lack of consideration many people hold for the noise they create simply moving through space. Anything that can be done loudly and with great force can likewise be done quietly and with consideration for others. At least, most day to day tasks can be accomplished quietly, and with consideration. I suppose there really is no way to quietly break up concrete with a jackhammer, but these are not the things of which I speak. I am referring to the volume of our voices when speaking, and of the consideration of our steps when walking across a room. Maybe I've just lived too many years in ground floor apartments and believing with certainty that The Wild Things occupied the rooms above. Maybe they find me too quiet and secretive? But given the choice, I'm fine with that!

Maybe the most inspiring article I've read all week.  It has really set me to thinking. Maybe I'll write my own, soon!

"All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone."

~ Blaise Paschal

Screen time is definitely difficult to balance in my life, and I myself, as the article mentions, have established days of "Digital Sabbath" in the past. Being reminded of such, I may do so again. Finding the balance is something I think most people struggle with in the era in which we live. This article makes some interesting points that are worth considering whether you are con to social media, or simply considering the purposes for which you use them. It mentions a few apps that may or may not help you in that quest, as most of them, and I can personally attest, be easily manipulated. 

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