Monday, June 3, 2019

Celebrate the Ordinary in June!


June 6
National Drive In Movie Day
Unfortunately the closest drive in movie around our area is almost two hours away, so we won't be participating in this one. But, if you're lucky enough to have one of these vintage gems near you, this would be a fun activity to enjoy with the family this summer!

June 7
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Now here's a day I can get into, and my ice cream is even sugar free!  For my husband every day is ice cream day!  If you have an old fashioned ice cream maker, you might try your hand at coming up with you own recipe! It's also National Donut Day, so two for one!

June 10
National Iced Tea Day
I mentioned in my last entry that my husband loves ice cream, but for me it's iced tea!  I've had to cut way back or go sugar free in recent years, because, well, I just don't have the metabolism to support drinking it all-day-every-day anymore like I used to!  But occasionally I still enjoy a cold glass of sweet iced tea!

June 11
National Corn on the Cob Day
Corn on the cob has been a favorite since I was a little girl.  And to this day I love biting into a that sweet, savory goodness!  And have you ever had Mexican Grilled Corn on the Cob??  Oh my stars!  You should add this to your summer cookout rotation, it's amazing!

June 12
National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Peanut Butter Cookies are definitely a favorite in our house, although we don't consume nearly as many as we once did.  But for an occasional treat, this is my favorite recipe. So easy!

June 14 
National Flag Day, National Strawberry Shortcake Day, National Flip Flop Day
There are so many celebrations from the end of spring into late summer that celebrate our patriotism, and today is so exception!  Today's the day to wave you flag high!  This time of year you can find them in all sizes, and even. few small ones tucked into potted plants adds a celebratory touch to your porch!

And what says summer in America better than strawberry shortcake? I really like this recipe, because anytime I hear "streusel", I'm sold!  If you scroll down you'll also see that there are links for Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes, and cheesecake, and donuts, so take your pick!

And who doesn't love a good pair of flip flops?  They are so handy for just quickly slipping on in a hurry, whether to water your flowers, head to the pool, and make a quick run to the store! And today at Old Navy, they are on sale for $1!  And there's no kick back here, they just happen to be my favorite!

June 16
Father's Day
Don't forget to celebrate dear old dad today! Maybe fire up the grill and make his favorite meal? I'm not really sure what our plans are this year as we will have moved into our new apartment just the day before! But I'm hoping we'll at least have things settled enough that we can take the day off and get on a trail somewhere!  Dad's are typically pretty easy when it comes to things like this, at least ours is!  But do take time to express your love and appreciation today, and every day!

June 20
National Ice Cream Soda Day
Confession, I am not a fan of ice cream soda!  But I many people, including my husband, who are and if you're among them, today is your day!  They do make a fun summer tradition, and an Ice Cream Soda Bar, complete with 2-3 different flavors of ice cream and sodas, along with some whipped cream, cherries and maybe even some sprinkles, mini M&M's or chocolate chips would top it off nicely! Kid's especially, would enjoy seeing who could come up with the craziest concoction! So if you're looking for a fun activity to host this summer, consider celebrating National Ice Cream Soda Day!

June 21
Summer Solstice
Today is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER, and the longest day of the year, with more hours of sunlight that any other day on the calendar.  Celebrating the turning of the seasons are some of my favorite days of the year and this year will be no exception.  We should be pretty settled in our apartment by then, and I'm hoping to share a special meal on the patio, though I haven't even begun to think about what that might be and should probably have that figure out BEFORE we move!  I'll be posting more about that maybe later this week!

June 23
National Pecan Sandies Day
Pecan Sandies always remind me of my mom! They were one of her favorites.  It's not a cookie I've made much over the years, but if you like pecan sandies like my mom did, maybe give this recipe a try! Martha never gets it wrong!

June 29
National Waffle Iron Day
I'm not sure what happened to our waffle iron, I think it must have been lost or misplaced in one of our moves? But I've had this idea, using boxed cake mix, tucked away for several years now but have never tried it. I doubt if I will replace our waffle iron as we honestly seldom used it, but I'm wondering if you could do something similar with the batter and make pancakes instead?  At any rate, if you have a waffle iron this is a fun idea and would make a unique dessert!  If you try it, let me know how they turned out!

June 30
National Meteor Watch Day
It's interesting that this day is celebrated in June, as The American Meteor Society states that June is actually a pretty slow month for meteors, at least it is this year!  But observing the night sky is one of my favorite summer activities!  I'll be writing up a post soon about what to look for this summer, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, be sure to check back!

Until then friends, I pray you have a joy-filled June!

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