Monday, June 10, 2019

We're Moving, and I Need A Little Break!

Well friends, it's move out week! Which means I am going to be super busy boxing everything up, cleaning up, and moving out!  Our move in date is this Friday, June 14, and we couldn't be more excited!  The following week, of course we or to be honest, for the most part "I" will be unpacking, organizing and decorating my little heart out making the space into a home.

With that, I am not sure how often I will have time to post, so rather than be sporadic, I am just going to take the next two weeks off from this space, and hopefully be able to resume posting again around the 24th, but most likely I won't resume a regular schedule until the first of July.  There is a chance that things might turn around sooner, but I'm going to give myself some time and make room to breathe. I'm going to miss sharing with you during this time, but I'm also super excited because we will now have windows and light, and I might actually be able to take a decent picture! 

Once I'm back I'll share the final results of my Make it Mid-Summer Meal Challenge, which is going GREAT by the way! And I've decided to change the start date of my Journal of Delight and Discovery for July 1 - September 21, so if you've been looking for those or you want to participate with me in keeping a journal, check back in a few weeks!

Until then friends, savor the days of summer!


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