Monday, July 1, 2019

A Journal of Delight and Discovery - .01

Well, good Monday morning to you, my dear friends!  It is so good to be back in this space again and I have so many things I want to share with you I don't know where to begin!  But first, I want to wish you a JOYFUL JULY!  Can you believe we are in the second half of the year???? It's funny because I remember back in January thinking that the days were dragging and now here we are in July and I know before I blink the holiday season will be upon us! The past three weeks have flown by, as we packed, moved and unpacked our belongings and began to make ourselves a new home!

We are about 90% moved into our new apartment and we are ♥︎'ing it already!  It is absolutely perfect and Bill even commented yesterday that of the many places we have lived over the years, this is by far one of his favorites!  Most of the major pieces of furniture are placed, and now I'm busy decorating and placing all of my treasured pieces, and coming up with ideas for some new additions!  That being said, most of them I will be making myself, either cross stitching, sewing or crocheting, which of course will take time, so lets just say the "full reveal" may be slow because the perfectionist in me doesn't want to share until I've got it just right!  But in the mean time, I'll be sharing some sneak peeks, like this picture on the left!  This is the view from the family room into our SUNNY dining room!  You can't really tell from this picture, but those windows are floor to ceiling and there are two of them! It makes for the most sunny, delightful space and we are really enjoying it! While we were so grateful for our little efficiency apartment, living in darkness with no windows for two years was beginning to take a toll.

Before the move I shared with you that I would be keeping a Journal of Delight and Discovery this summer! I did this several years ago and it was instrumental in my journey towards authenticity.  Discovering what truly brought me joy helped me to begin to live my life with more intention and from the core of my identity.  I discovered that many of my preferences and beliefs were not truly mine at all, but were opinions and mindsets that I had picked up along the way, most likely in an effort to please someone else. I was reminded of this shortly before the move, and while my original intent had been to begin back in June, once I realized that we would be moving during that time, I decided to postpone it a little and begin in July. I'm not sure right now exactly what the end date will be, as my original plan was for it to be a summer project and that still seems best.  I know that once Autumn hits, it's just a whirlwind to the end of the year! But I haven't decided whether to wrap it up at the end of August or carry it on until the equinox in September. So I think for now I'm just going to start and figure all of that out as we go!  It's pretty simple really, I'm just going to list 3-5 things each day that bring me joy and let the lists reveal! I know from having done this before that for the most part this will be pretty simple, but I also remember that some of the revelations that came from this little exercise were life changing. The main point is not to overthink it too much.  If it comes to mind and it brings me joy, I'm writing it down, however frivolous and silly it may seem!  So here goes!

- Cross Stitching is by far my favorite hobby and past time! I LOVE creating things for our home and
as gifts for others. The picture above shows the first stitches of my most recent project (I'll share more as I get further along). I'm basing it off another project that I completed about this time last year, which is also shown.

- The colors green, black, rust, coral and red.  My favorite colors have changed over the years. As a child and even into my late twenties my favorite color was blue. Now I would die if had anything blue in my house! Discovering that red was one of my favorite colors, and was my absolute favorite for several years, was one of the discoveries I made the last time I kept a journal. And the only reason I had never embraced it, was because my mother didn't like it! Oddly enough, her favorite color was green, which I detested simply because I wanted to be my own person and perhaps in rebellion towards her animosity for red. :) But you can thank Joanna Gaines for my new found love for green, especially when paired with black and rust. It's the thing these days, maybe even a trend, but for now it has has heart!

- Primitive Decorating, although I hate the name. Sounds like you live in a cave! I guess in the 80's they called it "Country", and I loved it even then. This is one thing that hasn't changed in over thirty years, my decorating style.  While the color palette has varied, if it's antiqued, old, vintage, chipped, distressed and cozy, you'll probably find it in my house. I've had some of these pieces since I married the first time at the tender age of nineteen, and they hold so many special memories. They are what makes any space we move to "home", and once they are in place, something it me is at rest.  But as I said earlier, since the "reveal" will come slowly, I'll share more about some of my "treasures" in another post.

So what about you?  What are three things that bring you joy and that authentically express you? What are your favorite hobbies, colors, style of decorating?  Do you even know, because I believe it's important that you do. So here's a little exercise to help you in case you really don't know. Pick a day this week and go to a bookstore, preferably a big-box chain with a large magazine section. Then make your way over to the home and garden section and pick out the first two or three magazine that catch your eye. What is is that you like about them, what do they have in common that captures your attention. If you don't want to buy them (because let's face it, magazines are expensive these days), maybe use your phone to take a couple of your favorite pages, or take a notebook and write down some notes about what you like and why. It may seem silly and frivolous, but I'm telling you, knowing little things like your favorite colors and why you like them can be the catalyst for bigger changes, so don't be embarrassed or afraid to start with these simple questions! It's a good starting point!

And now I must be off! I have a busy day ahead of me.We had to rent a storage facility and it's my goal to either sell or get rid of the contents by September so that we only have to pay for it for a few months because I hate paying to store stuff that we obviously don't need or don't want.  I'd much rather spend that $60 a month on things that delight me, you know?  But before I can sell it or throw it away, I have to know what's in it, and that means taking today to sort and organize. Yucky work, but I know I'll feel so much better once I have that task checked off of the list!

Until then my friends, if you don't hear from me for a few days, contact U-Haul Storage, I may be buried beneath the mountain of junk! :)

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