Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ten Minutes To Let Your Mind Wonder

Recently I came across some printable journaling pages s on Pinterest that piqued my interest. I enjoy just about anything that makes me think outside of the box or that challenges me to know myself better, and I thought it might be fun to work them out here in this format and let you in on a little more about me, as well.

Two Things You've Never Done But Would Love To Try

 - White Water Rafting
Although after next Tuesday, I can check this off of my bucket list because my husband and I are headed to Tennessee for few days to do just that!

- Running or Walking a 5K
Now that I'm back to walking on a regular basis I've been thinking about maybe entering a race, although I not interested AT ALL in where I place, I'll be happy just to finish.

One Thing That Might Scare Others But Doesn't Scare You

- Spiders
Although I will add that I don't mind them so much as they stay in their place, like a nice warm windowsill.  I am also not a big fan of what we in Virginia refer to a Wolf Spiders.  They are a class all of their own, in my opinion.

Three Things About This Time of Year

- I get excited for Autumn, which is just around the corner.

- The sun rises later and sets earlier, which in spite of the fact that I LOVE Autumn, makes me a little sad.  I LOVE long, sun-filled days!

- I get a little nostalgic for back-to-school, and reminisce about my own elementary school days.  Sometimes I get a little homesick for a little one to home school again.  But I appreciate the freedom I have now to pursue other interests, and my own self-education!

Three Little Things That Mean A Lot

- A lunch date this week with a dear friend, and trying out a new restaurant in our area.

- That my husband empties the dishwasher for me every-single-day without fail.  Just one of the many little ways he shows me he loves me and wants to help.

- Long talks with my girl, who isn't a girl so much anymore, but a beautiful young woman.  So proud of her resilience!  She never lets anything keep her down for long..

In the interest of copyright, I won't answer all of the questions here, but if you're interested you can find this guide and others like them, here.  They are the creation of Christy Zimmer, and this particular one is part of the 10 Minute Printable Guides. Many of the guides are offered for free, and she also has an Etsy shop where you will find other guides, so if you like them, be sure to check it out!

I particularly like the prompts "Three Things About This Time of Year", and "Three Things That Mean A Lot".  I think I'll make a note to include the first prompt into my seasonal journaling, and reflecting upon things that mean a lot might be a nice addition to a weekly routine!

Until then, my friends, soak up the light of the these last days of summer!

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