Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Autumn Day Keeper - FREE DOWNLOAD!

I posted about my Autumn Day Keeper on Instagram a few days ago, and since then I've have several people ask if I planned to make it available to purchase? But, I've decided to make it even better, how about **FREE**!!!  Just click on the link above to download your copy!

This has truly been a work of love, but before you go thinking I'm the Seasonal Planning Queen, let me just say that crown rests firmly on the head of my dear friend, Dawn.  Though like Dawn, I've long been a fan of seasonal living, she has truly been an inspiration in my life for several years now.  A few of the forms that you'll find in my planner were inspired by her, though I have tweaked things a little to make it my own.  But, if you like my planner, then I know you'll love Dawn's offerings as well, and did I mention that her resources are also FREE ! So hop on over and pay her a visit!

This planner is the first of four season keepers, beginning with my favorite season, Autumn!  It is 32 pages long, and to be honest, I wanted to include more and hopefully next year I'll have it exactly the way I want it!  But for now I think there's enough here to inspire you live out this beautiful season with attention and intention!  Here's what you'll find inside . . .

AUTUMN - this lovely page is one that was inspired by Dawn, where I've listed an entire page worth of things that I love about this season.  Some of the things I've listed are traditions that our family has observed for more than twenty years, so while it's personal, I hope you might find a few ideas to include in your seasonal celebrations as well.

 Autumn's Daily Rhythm - It's true that with the changing of the season, return to school, and the shortening of daylight, our routines and rhythms begin to change.  This page is a place to collect your thoughts and think through how you would like for the rhythm of your days and weeks to flow.

 Autumn To-Do List - Like our daily and weekly rhythms, there are things that make our to-do-lists that are unique to each season, such as raking leaves, packing lunches, and fun bucket-list ideas as well.  This is a place to brainstorm all that you **hope** to accomplish this season, and if you're like me, hopefully get around to maybe half of them, which is fine, because that's more than you would accomplish if you didn't take the time to think it through!

 Autumn Ideas and Inspiration - I use this page to move Pinterest to paper, so to speak.  I have so-many-things pinned on my Pinterest board, that often the really neat ideas get lost in the shuffle.  So every now and then I like to sit down and scroll through my boards and jot down a few ideas that I really want to try! Kind of like the to-do list, if I write it down and plan it, it's much more likely to get done!

And then you'll find the monthly pages which covers

S E P T E M B E R  ❈  O C T O B E R    N O V E M B E R

Each month includes 
 Month At A Glance - which is similar to the monthly posts I used to write up every month and post.  It includes some fun, and rather, unconventional holidays that you can celebrate with your family, Talk Like a Pirate Day, or National Pizza Day, which is an easy one to celebrate, just order a pizza!

 Small Things to Love About Each Month
This is a monthly page that was inspired by Dawn, although in keeping with the "Small Things" theme of my blog, this is a place, much like the Autumn page which I've already completed, where you can list all the small, little things you love about each month..

 Special Ways to Celebrate Ordinary Days Each Month
If the Month at a Glance pages are not enough, or if you have other ideas for small celebrations you'd like to incorporate into your days, this is the place to dream!  It's also a good place to include any upcoming family birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations in your family.

 Tending Home and Hearth
There is a page for each month, where you can write down any ideas you have for preparing your home for the season and the upcoming holidays.

 Gardening and Nature Notes
Much like the Home and Hearth page, this is where you can write down your seasonal gardening ideas, and make note of the seasonal changes in nature.

 In Season and Recipes
- Is where you can keep a list of produce that is peak in this season, as well as any seasonal recipes that inspire you.

 Menu Plans
- And, to help you put those seasonal recipes to work, I've included a calendar for each month where you can jot down your plan. You could also look through the "At A Glance" page for the month and plan a few fun food related celebrations!

And that's it! A framework to help you to slow the season a little, and take in what each lovely month has to offer.  I've dotted the pages here and there with some of my favorite season poems to add a bit of loveliness, as well.

My plan, eventually, is to include an entire section dedicated seasonal folklore, poems, quotes and small passages from my favorit books, as well recipes and craft ideas for each season.  If I am able, and hopefully I'll be able to include that in the Winter Season Keeper which I will have available for download the day after Thanksgiving!  It will cover, December, January and February, so if you liked the Autumn Season Keeper, be sure to watch for it.

If you do decide to download and print a copy for your own use, please drop a comment and let me know, especially if you have suggestions or questions!  I'm always looking to improve things and for ideas and inspiration for living intentionally in each season!

Until then, friends, savor the days!


Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm a bit late as I've just found it now, but I will save it for next year for sure.

Kimberly Lottman said...

You are so welcome! I am currently working on the Winter edition which begins in December, so be on the look for it!