Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Under All This Eternal Glory Of Heaven - The September Sky

Nothing like being late to the game getting this post up.  I had it in my notes to begin posting about the night sky again in September.  It's made the "to-do" list every day for a month now.  Yep, way back in late August, which seems like last week!  And yet every-single-day I bumped it, because . . . . life.

Then today, as I was revisiting one of my favorite seasonal books, I came across this passage:

"The September moon belongs to lovers even more than the spring moon.  Indeed, if we could fill a silver cup with that moonlight, and drink to the last pearly dregs, we should be young, forever.  For the moon has a pure luminous mystery that makes everything beautiful, everything magic.  The massed colors of early autumn glow in its light, all the little streams run silver, and silver rises the smoke from burning leaves.

There is not yet not want of withering or death in the garden, in the field, in the orchard.  The world is perfect, and the heart is happy.

The sky looks like a blue meadow full of gardenias, but the moon herself is a white rose.  And down below, the old earth turns in her orbit under all this eternal glory of the heaven."

And the pale gold leaves begin to fall from the sugar maple."

- Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Seasons

And I knew with only about ten days left in this glorious month that I had to get something up,  in spite of the fact that we've been fifteen degrees above normal temperature this year and summer is still hanging on with a vengeance!

**TYPICALLY** the skies are beautiful this time of year. With the summer humidity lessening in strength, the sky on a sunny day is as blue as that sky-blue crayon that was my absolute favorite as a little girl! Thankfully we have had some cooler mornings in the upper 50's, which makes for a delicious setting for my daily walk.

Unseasonal temps aside, there is plenty to see in the SEPTEMBER NIGHT SKY, and these resources will help you navigate your way.  Taking time to note seasonal changes in the constellations, the moon cycle (which I'll write about soon in another post), and the potential for a meteor shower and wishing on falling stars is one way that you can be intentional and that will help to slow the pace of life a little.  In some ways it might seem like it speeds things up a bit because of how quickly things change, but I personally find it very calming. So why not take some time these last few days of September, and get away for a few hours, somewhere far away from the city lights. Pack a picnic dinner and a big comfy blanket, throw in a pair of binoculars and soak in the glory of the heavens!  S-L-O-W the pace, and look to the stars!

Download Your Free September Sky Map (Pictured below), by clicking on the link.

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