Monday, October 21, 2019

A Perfect Day - Lunch

Continuing in our Perfect Day series, today I am sharing some recipes that I would consider making for lunch on a perfect day, although honestly, on a perfect day I might go out to eat or order take out, or have someone else make the meal. But, if I planned ahead, as I do for my weekly sabbath, then the food would already be made.

In the picture above, you will see a chicken salad sandwich (I also LOVE chicken salad on croissants!), potato salad and a deviled egg.  This is by far one of my favorite things to have for lunch!  This recipe for chicken salad is my absolute favorite!  The apples and candied walnuts take it to the next level. Perfect for Fall!  And this is the recipe I used for potato salad (except I don't use the Bon Appetit seasoning!).

Another one of my favorite things to have for lunch, especially this time of year, is soup.  A small bowl of soup with a side salad is the perfect combination!  Here are a few soup/salad recipes that I have tried and love!

❈ Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup with Roasted Sweet Potato Salad
I LOVE this combination because both the soup and salad call for wild rice! I love when ingredients carry over and kind of tie it together.

❈ Panera Autumn Squash Soup with Fall Salad With Pomegranate Dressing
This was served at a women's retreat I went to once, and it was just DIVINE!  I think they ordered the soup from Panera, but I've made this copycat recipe a number of times now and it never fails and the while I don't think the salad it an **exact** match, it's still so good!

❈ Winter Lemon Chicken Barley Soup with Autumn Glow Salad With Lemon Dressing
Ok, wrong season, but this is another one of those dynamic duo combinations with lemon as the repeat ingredients.  If you're dealing with any kind of allergy/upper respiratory issues this time of year (like we are!), then there is nothing better than chicken soup, and I know from personal experience that lemons have lots of health benefits, as well.

Often during lunch I'll watch an old thirty minute sitcom.  Some of my favorites are;

- The Mary Tyler Moore Show
- Rhoda
- The Bob Newhart Show

All of which take me right back to a little house in Texas sitting in the den with my mom on a Saturday night.  My dad worked nights most of my childhood and Saturday night was our favorite t.v. night. We also watched my mom's all time favorite variety show, The Carol Burnett Show.  There was just nothing better than Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.  I don't think any other comedy duo has made me laugh that hard!

So what are some of your favorite go-to lunch ideas, and what do you typically do over lunch?  Like old sitcoms like I do?  If so what are some of your favorites?  Share in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm! It's soup season, and I couldn't be happier! Your recipes look delicious! I've been looking for a wild rice soup recipe, and the one you posted looks like it'll be perfect.

Grayson Highlands will be a wonderful spot for your get-a-way. Although, we've not been YET, I've had it on our list of nearby places to visit. I think it's about an hour and a half from where we are. Maybe a little under.

If you are ever in Abingdon, I think you and your husband would enjoy seeing a play at the Barter Theater. It is so charming, and the productions we've seen have all been excellent. (For a first visit, I would recommend seeing something on the main stage~ it's just so very charming.)


Kim Lottman said...

I so enjoy popping in each day and reading your comments. Yay to new friendships! I have been inside the Barter Theater but never to a production. We will have to make it a point to do that some time! Hope you enjoy the soup!