Friday, October 25, 2019

Favorite Poems - The Evening Meal

We had family in from out of tonight last week. Just a quick overnight trip, but we had a lovely time.  We don't have company often as our extended family is spread out coast to coast with most residing in Texas. But Bill's sister and her husband moved to North Carolina earlier this year which is only two hours away and we've been able to visit with them a few times recently, which has been nice.

I always love setting a pretty table for company, although I was reminded too late that we have reached a point with our flatware, after all these years and all the children, that we appear to have only two tablespoons, and it's been so long since there were only four of us at the table I likewise discovered that we appear to only have four glasses that match our dinnerware. So I decided to mix pretty with casual and pulled out the canning jars that we actually use as our everyday glassware for meals, and tucked a fork, knife and napkin in each one. It all ended up looking lovely, and everyone raved about the food. I went with one of my tried and true menus, chicken enchiladas, pinto beans, spanish rice and salsa and guacamole with chips.  I made Chip Nut Bars for dessert, but everyone was so full from dinner we never got around to eating them.

I was reminded today of another poem and poet whose works I love, and wanted to share it with you.

The preparation of the evening meal
By any woman, anywhere, may be
A ceremony, beautiful to see,

Recalling clear, sweet evenings long ago

At Emmaus, or Bethany, when One
Beloved guest had come at set of sun.

And oh, that other quiet evening meal

Within an upper room - the grace He said
Above the scarlet wine, the broken bread!'

An evening meal is such a gracious thing,

It matters not how plain may be the fare
So long as love and loyalty are there.

The supper hour - a magnet drawing home

The ones who have the need of food and rest!
All women know this hour of the day is best.

~ Grace Noll Crowell

From The Story Series in Health by Ginn and Company. Copyright 1932 by Andress and Andress 

Isn't that just lovely, such sweet sentiments. I was reminded when I read it, that while she calls the evening meal "supper", in our home we refer to it as "dinner".  I have a number of friends who refer to is as supper as well, and just as many who likewise use the term, "dinner".  So out of curiosity I looked I up and this is what I found.  Growing up my mom always referred to it as supper, but I'm a weird one when it comes to words and the way they sound, and something about supper just doesn't set right with me. There are other words as well, like buggy (it's a shopping cart), baggy (no, it's a zip-loc), and hubby (uhm, he's my husband), that I simply refuse to use.  So there you have it, probably more than you wanted to know about me and my word quirks, right?  But if you'd like to chime in I'm curious to know, is it supper or dinner in your house?

At any rate,  Grace's works are all just lovely! If you are not familiar with her you can read a little about her, here.  And, if you's like to read some of her work, I found this collection, which you can borrow from Internet Archives.

~ Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Your table looks so lovely, and what a yummy dinner menu! We drink out of those same jars in our home!

Gosh, it's uncanny. We're from TX, (the Houston area) and one of our sons and his little family live outside of Houston, literally a mile from the house where he was born. (we moved to NC when he was 2, so this all is happenstance, though he is a geologist, so it makes sense he's back in TX) Our moms were still in Houston until a couple of years ago, and now my mom lives with us, and Bill's mom is in Atlanta with one of his sisters. Both REALLY miss TX.

I have EXACTLY the same feelings as you regarding supper and dinner (really strong feelings, actually) as well as the other words you mentioned, with the exception of baggy. I just call them plastic bags. (probably because I don't buy the ones that have a zip lock)

And thank you for introducing me to a new poet and artist!

On Thursdays the children and I attend a Bible study in Bristol, TN. (about 1-1/2 hours away~ it turns into a sort of day trip) On our way home (we go one way to get there, but eat lunch at Chick Fill A after, and from CFA our route home goes a different way, actually through Abingdon. Anyway, we were on 81 traveling from Bristol, VA (the CFA we go to) toward Abingdon, and we passed Exit 13, which was the exit for Grayson Highlands; I thought about you guys being there. Color seems about peak to me in the area, so I know it must be just beautiful where you are!


Kimberly Lottman said...

I grew up in Fort Worth, but my husband grew up near Houston (among other places), AND his name is Bill!!!!! We are on the road, in Wytheville at the moment and headed to Floyd and the Blue Ridge Parkway to make our way back home, so I'll reply with more details when we get back. How did you find me, by the way? And do you have a blog? ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

It is crazy, because I've actually asked myself how I found your blog. I honestly don't know, but I'm thinking it must have been a link from another blog. Perhaps you had made a comment on their blog, or they had linked to your blog. I have no idea whose it was, though. Sorry. But I sure am glad to have found your blog!

Yes, I had a blog, but do not currently blog. "My blog" was actually started by our oldest daughter at age 13, when we were going through our first adoption process. The China adoption community at that time was a close knit group, and we all followed each other's blogs, so the blog was primarily geared toward that end. When my daughter left for college, I briefly took over her blog, but it rather fizzled. I checked the link to be sure it was still here, and it is, if you'd like to take a look, although the header looks a bit cut off. (I had a new header done when I took over the blog.). I'm glad for you to take a look, as that way you'll I'm not someone creepy that's stalking your blog! Ha.

Enjoy the last part of your trip!

PS I may have left a similar comment earlier, but right when I went to hit the publish button, I was disconnected from the internet. (things are a bit spotty here in the mtns.). I'm not sure if it actually went through or not.

Kimberly Lottman said...

LOL! I didn't think that! But thank you for the link!