Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Savoring Autumn Weeks 2-4

I realized when I was writing my post about all the changes, that I needed to follow up with my Savoring Autumn posts, and since this is now week 4, it was due time.

One of the things that we traditionally enjoy every Autumn are mums.  We usually purchase several pots to decorate the porch, or as is the case this season, the balcony.  My favorite color is orange, followed closely by purple and I also like the red variety.  This year we bought five, one large orange and red, and then two small purple and one small orange. 
We've been eating a lot of chili pie, or Frito pie as some call it, which is typically another Autumn tradition. I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to be a seasonal eater and things like chili, stew, even chocolate and caramel, like Milk Duds, are typically flavors that I crave this time of year.  We do have chili pie at other times, but we traditionally usher in the Autumn season by eating it while we watch October Sky.
Something new to me this year is Starbucks Fall Blend coffee.  I'm pretty sure it's been around for a number of years, but this is the first year that we've purchased a bag. We also bought a bag of Pumpkin Spice, but we haven't opened it yet so I'll let you know if we enjoyed it, as well.  But the Fall Blend, especially with pumpkin spice creamer, is divine!

We drove up to the mountains last week.  From the valley the mountains looked as though there might be a little color, but unfortunately that was not the case.  We had a lovely time, none the less, and shared a picnic lunch together of chicken salad with crackers, cheese cubes, grapes, and cashews.

One the way up, we stopped at our favorite little mountain produce store and picked up some cider.  Its made locally, and so good.  They had a lovely display of pumpkins and corn husks out front, pictured above.  Later that evening we walked to a restaurant just a couple of blocks away for dinner.  There is a small liberal arts college just a block away, and we took a short cut through the campus, where I was happy to discover a labyrinth. I'm hoping to make an early morning trip over on my walk soon, and hoping its to do so. I guess campus police will tell me if I'm not welcomed.

While it got off to a late start, it's definitely begun to feel more in season this week with temperatures dipping into the 40's most mornings.  We've been sleeping with the windows opened, which is D-I-V-I-N-E!  Looking at the forecast earlier today I noticed that they are predicting we might even get into the upper 30's before the end of the week.  It makes for a chilly start to my walks in the morning, but if you dress warm you end up shedding layers, I do, anyway.

And speaking of walking, I borrowed a sweet little book from Internet Archives, In Celebration of Autumn by Helen Thompson.  She suggests a number of ways to enjoy the season, including everything from carving a pumpkin to refurbishing a chair.  Another thing she suggests is taking a walk, and I loved what she had to say on the subject;

"The benefits of aimlessness have long gone unappreciated, but an occasional afternoon to being footloose can do more for the soul than just about anything else.  Forget the rigidity of schedules, the pull of pressing obligations, the insistence of deadlines, and take an afternoon off. Window-shopping, wandering through a museum, and browsing in a bookstore are all excellent approaches to aimlessness - but a stroll through a park or forest resplendent with fall foliage is the best." 

She suggest that you collect leaves, acorns, berries and flowers on your walk, and then arrange them, perhaps on a mantel, as a boisterous reminder of fall. What a lovely idea!

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Melissa said...

Thank you so much for the recommendation of the Internet Archives! Finding favorite "older" authors and reading their books is such a treat! Thank you for sharing beauty.

Kim Lottman said...

I absolutely LOVE the Internet Archives. I've found so many wonderful books using it. In fact I now make it a habit to check to see if its available there before I buy from Amazon, if its an older book anyway, and I often find them! Between it and the library, I'm **TRYING** to get a handle on my massive library. Even though I still prefer to hold a book in my hands, digital and borrowing rom the library is easier on the budget and doesn't take up space. I hope you find some gems there!