Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Halloween Of My Childhood

I have loved Halloween since childhood. I have many fond memories of various costumes I wore, usually the old vintage store bought ones with those awful plastic masks with the elastic string that always seemed to break. I recall going as Tweety Bird one year in a costume similar to this. One year I was Raggedy Ann, but my mom made my costume that year.  But my favorite costume was one I wore probably near the end of my trick or treating years. Kids of all ages seem to trick or treat these days, but when I was growing up there was an age at which it became less socially acceptable. After that we began planning parties, and many churches in the area hosted parties that older children were invited to attend. But one of the last times I recall trick or treating I went dressed as Holly Hobbie.

Even as a child I never cared for the scarier elements of Halloween, and I never dressed as a ghost, or even a witch that I recall, although I do have a cute black hat and some purple and white striped socks I like to wear just for fun these days. But my mom did always have a tape recording of scary sounds, like this,  that we would place near the window and play on Halloween night, along side a carved pumpkin.

And while I don't recall there being as many Halloween specials when I was growing up , I do recall a few from when my children were little, including The Pumpkin That Couldn't Smile, and Halloween Is Grinch Night.  I did find a few vintage cartoons that you might enjoy watching with your littles for a bit of old time fun.  The Headless Horseman, The Cobweb Hotel, and Skeleton Frolic.  Most of these old cartoons are from the '30's and I just love their vintage feel.

One of my favorite cartoons that I used to watch with my children each year, is Disney's The Legend of Sleep Hollow, narrated by Bing Crosby. I found a copy on DVD last year and snatched it up, but you can watch it for free at the link above. We've also enjoyed similar videos over the years, though not Halloween related, we did tend to watch them in the autumn of the year. These are from the American Legends series, Johnny Appleseed, and Paul Bunyan.  You might enjoy them, too!

Recently I was perusing the Internet Archives, and came across some books with a vintage Halloween feel, and you might enjoy looking through, as well.

- The Pumpkin Book
by Susan Olson Higgins
Full of Halloween History, Poems, Songs, Art Projects, Games and Recipes

The Best Halloween Book
by Lenore K. Dolan
Recitations, Dialogues, Plays, Exercies, Drills, Dances Pantomines, Songs and Games

The Little Witches Halloween Book
by Linda Glovach
Halloween Decorating, Cooking and Handicrafts

- The Penny Whistle Halloween Book
I have always loved the Penny Whistle publications!

- Witches, Pumpkins and Groaning Ghosts
by Edna Barth
The Story of the Halloween Symbols

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, especially if you are part of my generation and share some of the same memories. And perhaps I've introduced you to a few vintage, but new to you resources that you can enjoy with the littles in your life this Halloween season.


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Your post brings back sweet memories, and what great links!


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