Friday, October 18, 2019

A Perfect Day - Mid-Morning

Today I'm picking up from my last post, The Perfect Day, so if you're just now joining me, be sure to check it out, and now we're moving on to Mid-Morning.

Since I am an early riser, mid-morning for me runs from around 8:00/9:00 a.m. until noon, which is typically when I stop for lunch.  Some days I get hungry a little earlier, depending on what I had for breakfast and I eat lunch at 11:00, but I would say overall, it's around noon.

Usually around 8:00 or so is when I sit down to check email, pop in on social media and perhaps visit a few of my favorite blogs.  But on a perfect day I wouldn't spend a lot of time online, and I would set aside a little more time for reading.  This time of year I have a few favorites, including Autumn by Susan Branch, pictured above.  I also LOVE anything written by Gladys Taber, and if you're not familiar with her writing then I HIGHLY suggest you check out one or two of her books.  There are several that are available to borrow from Internet Archives, so I'll link a few of my favorites!

- Stillmeadow Calendar (there's a wait list, but put yourself on it, you won't regret it!)
- Stillmeadow Daybook
- Stillmeadow Album  (I had actually never seen this one before, so I borrowed it myself and you can have it just as soon as I'm finished!)
- Stillmeadow Sampler (has a waitlist!  As you can see, she has quite the following!)
- Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge

I can't begin to tell you how much delight I've taken over the years reading her books.  I'll have to devote a post soon entirely to Gladys!  But for now, if you want to learn more about her Susan Branch is a fan, as well, and has an entire page at her website devoted to her!

I also enjoy perusing my seasonal stash of cookbooks, which are all from Gooseberry Patch!  I've found some wonderful recipes over the years, but there are so many that I enjoy looking through them every year to see if something new catches my attention. The one's in the picture are Celebrate Autumn, Flavors of Fall (different cover)and you can't see the cover of the one on the bottom, but it is Autumn in the Country.  Even if I don't end up making up anything new, I love reading through all the stories and suggestions that are included for making the season special and reminiscing with contributors who share their personal stories.  They are hands down my favorite cookbooks and if I had the space and the money I would own every one! I also just discovered that Internet Archives has a few that you can borrow.

- Fall Favorites

And while this one isn't seasonal, it looks good, as well.

- Country Quick and Easy: Fast Family Favorites

After reading for awhile, and unless my cookbooks haven't inspired me to get in the kitchen, then I would set aside a little time for cross-stitching, crocheting, or some other craft.  These are my favorite past times, and I often enjoy them while watching an old move or sitcom, but we'll save the subject of my favorites for another day and post because it would be too long to include here. The picture here on the left shows a few things I've worked on recently. I posted a picture of the lovely skein of yarn you can see at the top in another post, and I'm still contemplating going back for more!  I really want to make a scarf out of it. And while you can't quite make it out, the little crocheted item at the bottom is a little house. I found the instructions for making them, here, although I made mine up with the roof in a constrasting color.  My plan is to stitch up 6-8 of them and make a cute little bunting to hang. I may even adorn them with a little holiday decor during Christmas!

And then I suspect that by the time I finished all of that it would be about time for lunch!  So in my next post I'll share some of my favorite lunch recipes that I would like to eat on a perfect day and that will take us into the afternoon!  I hope you've been inspired to think through what elements and activities you would include in your own perfect day, and if it has, please share in the comments!

Oh, and quickly before I go.  I mentioned my favorite fall outfit in my previous post, and I've had a few requests to see it.  I am actually wearing it today, but it was hard to get a full picture of myself in and still be able to see it well, so I laid it out on the bed and took it that way.

The following links are non-affiliate, just passing along.

- Grey Wash Skinny Jeans (similar to these, but I couldn't find them in a skinny jean)
- Rust U-Neck T-Shirt- (you can find it here)
- Rust Flannel T-Shirt - I got mine from American Eagle last year and I don't think it's available anymore, but Target has a few that would look equally as pretty.  I like this one, and I've really got my eye on this one, as well!
- Striped Crew Socks - were part of this three pack, which I LOVE!  I often wear the autumn leaves pattern with this outfit, as well.  AND I just saw these online, so cute!  I wear the crew socks when I'm going out, and the fuzzy socks when I'm staying home.  My daughter got them for me a few weeks ago from the dollar section at Target and I loved them so much I went back for another pair!  I'm not sure if they still have them, or not, but you could check the next time you're at Target, and aren't we all???

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Melissa said...

Such similar tastes for you and me! Love Gladys Taber books. The Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge book/journal/diary/letter was just a lovely read between the two families! I have a few Gooseberry Patch books also. In fact, they used to have a warehouse sale of country products and designs near their home in Ohio, that I've been to. Not anymore though. The skein of yarn is similar to one that I made some coasters out of, very lovely. The houses look so cute: nice idea for a banner of them all. And your fall outfit is so autumnal looking! Thanks for sharing the information. I saw someone else post about short sleeved tops that are fall colors, but cool enough for the hot days. I purposely bought a dark purple silk top that fit that description.
Thank you for sharing.

Kim Lottman said...

Melissa - I was just at Target today, picking up that flannel I mentioned having my eye on in this post, and I saw a lovely deep purple top that I **almost** bought. But since, I don't have anything else that color and and I'm actually trying to downsize/capsule my wardrobe, I resisted. And yes, isn't Gladys Taber just the best? <3

Anonymous said...

Gooseberry Patch, Susan Branch, Gladys Tabor. Yes! Me, too!

Your handwork is just beautiful. But that is where we differ!!!

Thank you for sharing~

Kim Lottman said...

Pam, Glad to find another kindred spirit! :)