Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Perfect Day - Morning

A basket of pumpkins at the farmers market.

I had about thirty minutes to kill waiting for an appointment yesterday, so I stepped into Barnes and Noble to see if they had any enticing new magazines to peruse.  As usual it's never really a matter of if they have "any", but rather, which one I'm going to choose first.

Bella Grace publishes a magazine for younger girls called New Generation.  I bought a few for Kate when they first came out, but she never seemed to take interest in them.  And even though they are written for girls in their late teens and maybe early twenties, I still find much of the content relevant for any age, and the pictures are equally as lovely!  So when I saw they had a new edition, I picked it up and made myself comfortable.

One of the articles prompted you to think through what elements would make for a "Perfect Day", which I thought was a fun exercise, and so I've decided to share my thoughts on that in this post.  But, since I'm certain my thoughts on the subject will be plentiful, I'm going to break it up into segments and I'll begin today with what I believe would make for a perfect morning.

Morning sunrise on a crisp fall morning in Virginia.
For me a perfect morning would start early, probably around 5 or 6 a.m., and for it to be truly perfect, it would be early Autumn when the morning temperatures dip into the 40's or even high 30's, because there is just nothing in the world like a crisp Autumn day!

Most likely I would be wearing my favorite pair of thermals or soft flannel pajamas with a pair of thick comfy socks on my feet.  The windows in the apartment would be open, as one of the things I love best is for the air around me to be cold but for my body to be wrapped in warmth.

The first thing I would do would be to make a cup of my favorite blend of coffee, Starbuck's Fall Blend, which is just scrumptious, and top it off with Pumpkin Spice creamer.  I typically do not eat breakfast right away as it take awhile for my appetite to wake up, but I ALWAYS want my first cup of coffee which is usually full strength. After that I have to switch to decaf as I've developed a bit of sensitivity to caffeine in recent years.
While the water in the kettle was heating up, I would light a candle, spicy scents are my favorite, especially ginger and pumpkin.  Then I would find my favorite throw, a few pillows and make up a comfy place on the couch, and with coffee in hand, I would settle in to read for an hour or so, first from the Bible and then from a favorite book.

Once the sun begins to peak through the darkness, depending on the day I do one of two things, I go for a 2 mile walk, or if its an off day, I fix breakfast.  On days that I walk I eat breakfast after I get back and on those days its typically yogurt.  But on my off days I will often scramble up an egg, make some bacon and a piece of toast or hash rounds and have something more substantial. Scrambled eggs with bacon, hash rounds and gravy is my absolute favorite breakfast, so since this is my "perfect day", I would make that. But, I LOVE my morning walks, too, so maybe on a perfect day (with no time constraints), I would do both!

On days that I walk I shower in the morning when I get home, and on off days, I shower in the evening. I prefer to show in the evening because it just feels like it washes all the stress of the day away and then I can crawl into my comfy pajamas and settle in the for the evening. But on days that I walk and get a little sweaty, I shower early so I'll feel fresh. But sometimes, if the temps are low enough and I don't sweat much, and especially if I'm not going out, then showering can wait, and on a perfect day it could!

Afterwards I would tidy up the house a bit, if needed, but on a perfect day, well, it would be perfect, right?, so it wouldn't need tidying and I could just return to my comfy spot on the couch.  But first I would change into my favorite pair of soft grey jeans, my favorite ginger colored t-shirt and my favorite orange and grey flannel with my cozy white socks with the grey and orange stripes.  It's my all time favorite outfit and I wear it at least once a week this time of year, sometimes twice!  Then I would settle in to my spot on the couch, and enjoy a few favorite leisurely activities for the rest of the morning, but for now, we'll stop here and I'll pick up on my Perfect Mid-Morning in another post.

So what about you, what would a 🍂 PERFECT MORNING 🍂 morning look like for you?  What is your favorite season, weather?  Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas, socks, or maybe a cozy robe?  Do you drink coffee, tea or neither?  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Do you like to hit the ground running, or prefer a quiet, contemplative start to your day?  I love hearing from you, so please share in the comments!  Who knows, we might inspire each other to add in a new ritual to make that will take our perfect morning to a new level!  Perfectly perfect, in every way!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning!

Your perfect morning has many similarities to mine; however, In my later 50's, I am still homeschooling 4 children, ages 9-13, so my perfect morning would have to take place on a Saturday. Oh, I should be at the empty nest stage, with 3 grown and married children + 1 darling granddaughter, but we adopted 5 children from China as older parents, so those empty nest years have been substantially delayed. All for good!

Nevertheless, my perfect morning would begin about 7:00 (I'm not quite the early riser as are you) and would involve sitting by our wood stove with a cup of coffee, snuggled up with a wool blanket, just enjoying some QUIET. I would later move into reading my Bible with some instrumental music playing softly in the background, and after my Bible time, I'd fix eggs and greens for breakfast. Or perhaps I'd make some avocado toast, using some wholegrain sourdough bread from our local bakery. Of course it would be raining on my perfect morning (so no walk for me!) and many beeswax candles would be lit. It's all about being cozy!

I, too, enjoy and evening shower, and my favorite PJ's are flannel, of course. I love crawling into flannel sheets when the weather cools, which I was finally able to use this week. I've got some cozy slipper socks from LL Bean that are a must in the cooler weather. We recently moved from Charlotte, NC into a NC mountain town, so I am just loving the cooler temps up here. We are about an hour from Abingdon, and under an hour to Damascus, which I think you mentioned in a prior post. It's such a beautiful area, isn't it?

I would try to make my perfect "morning" last as long as possible, so perhaps I would not get out of my pj's to even put on a favorite outfit. After breakfast, I'd spend hours reading a good book and then bake a yummy treat. Ahhh, that sounds so lovely. But, today is Wednesday, and I've got children to school, so off I go!

Anonymous said...

Oops. I did not sign my name. The long comment was from Pam.

Melissa said...

What a wonderful morning! My choice of hot beverage is Tea. Now we need to see a picture of that fall outfit! Perhaps just a picture of the clothes themselves? I also just printed out two pages of the Autumn Day Keeper. Thank you for sharing those pages with all of us.

Kim Lottman said...

Pam - Thanks so much for sharing! I applaud you for adopting. My husband and I were foster parents for a number of years and adopted one child who is now a twenty three year mom who recently had a baby! To be honest, while I'm trying to embrace it and have grown more at peace with this stage of life, in many ways I miss having younger children around and homeschooling!

It seems we like many of the same things that would make up a "perfect morning" and I loved hearing about yours.

One of our daughters lived in Damascus for a couple of years. She moved to Rochester this past year. But my husband and I still visit the area, in fact we are going to be up that way next week camping for a few days at Grayson Highlands. It is indeed a beautiful area!

Thanks again for sharing!


Kim Lottman said...

Melissa, it's funny you should say I should post a picture of my favorite fall outfit because when I wrote the post I tried to find one and the only time I've taken a picture of me wearing it was a selfie I took in the bathroom, so I decided that was not blog-worthy. :). I'll try to take one soon and post it, though!

I am so happy to hear that you are using the Autumn day keeper. It was really a joy to make it. I'm probably going to update it and I'll be changing the graphics for the Winter edition a little as well. I'll probably have it ready about mid-December, so be looking for it if you're interested!

Thanks for taking the time to share, and by the way, I like tea, too! I usually drink it in the afternoon.