Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Celebrating 58 Trips Around The Sun

Monday marked the beginning of my 58th trip around the sun, and due to conflicting work schedules, the celebration began Friday evening and continued on through yesterday.Pictured above is the sweet little pumpkin house that I made for the centerpiece for my birthday dinner celebration, which we enjoyed this past Friday night (November 8)

Bill, Kate and her boyfriend, Jacob, joined me for a cozy festive celebration. I made a pork roast and vegetables that filled the house with the most wonderful aroma, as it slowly cooked in the crock pot all day. I had planned to make a cake, but when I happened on to some chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing at the grocery store, I knew that my time was at least worth the $3.49 price tag (marked down to half price!), and opted to go with them instead. I didn't like the decor they were adorned with, however, and removed it and garnished them with blackberries, golden raisins, cranberries and candied pecan pieces. In the end I was a bit disappointed with the taste, but I still don't regret the ease they provided. I ended up sending most of them to work with Bill on Monday, along with another dozen snickerdoodles, which his co-workers can't seem to get enough of! They are good, though.  I'll probably finish off the last two later today with my afternoon cup of coffee. Below, is my little pumpkin all lit up to keep me company after dinner on Friday!

Saturday I spent a quiet day at home, actually feeling a little under the weather. I've been troubled with two urinary tract infections in recent months, a problem I also struggled with for several months a few years ago. On Saturday I made myself a spot on the couch with a heating pad and flushed the pain away by drinking apple cider vinegar. 2 Tbsp. to 8 oz of water drank every hour for as long as you need or can stand it, will eliminate the burning and pain associated with a UTI within 4--6 hours. I felt waterlogged by the end of the day, but it didn't take long for the burning and pain to cease, so it was worth it.

So on Sunday morning the first order of business was a trip to the local urgent care facility, and for the first time in almost three years of periodically dealing with this, the doctor that saw me asked if anyone had ever suggested the possibility of a kidney stone? Apparently stones can "sleep" and you can go for years without an incident, and then one day, as she put it, "the beast awakens". This is the first doctor to suggest that possibility, and it's the first thing that has made any sense. She advised I give it a week and wait and see. She prescribed an antibiotic for the infection, and informed me that it might "go back to sleep", or it may continue to try to make an exit. If I get another UTI in the near future, I'll have to decide how to proceed from there. I had not considered a kidney stone because I've never had the excruciating pain that is typically associated with them, but according to her, the mild symptoms I am having could be the "calm before the storm", so we'll see. That being said, I was feeling well enough on Sunday for a little trip up to the parkway, since our plans to spend the day in Williamsburg were foiled. No bother though, Williamsburg will still be there so we'll go another time. 

Earlier in the week I had seen someone post the loveliest pictures on FB of a stop off on the Blue Ridge Parkway that was just about an hours drive from home. So with my prescription in hand, we took off.

The Yankee Horse Ridge Parking area is at milepost 34.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and marks the spot where a hard riding Union soldier's horse fell and had to be shot. It features a reconstructed spur of an old logging railroad that ran through the mountains in the 1930's, and a small but beautiful waterfall, Wigwam Falls. 

The sky was so blue in this last shot, it is just amazing. This is now one of my favorite spots on the parkway, along with the picnic area nearby that runs along Otter Creek, and not too far away, is a recreated mountain farm near Humpback rocks.  I'd love to take another trip up and visit all three of these lovely spots, but we only made time for this one on Sunday. 

On the way home we stopped off at a favorite cozy little restaurant near the apartment for a late birthday lunch. Bill had the reuben sandwich, but I gambled and went with the chicken salad on a toasted slice of jalapeƱo cheddar bread, and I'm so glad I did, it was delicious. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures, but then, not everything needs to be documented, right?

And finally, yesterday morning I made myself a warm bowl of oatmeal, and quietly lit the candles on our birthday candle ring. A beautiful moment alone to acknowledge the turn of another year of life. Later in the day I set to work on my 101 Things In A 1001 Days list, by attending my first water color class with a dear friend, and afterwards she treated me to lunch! I'll be sharing more on that in future posts.

Aside from not feeling my best, it was a memorable birthday, filled with all of the things I love! In addition to the Sunday drive and lunch afterwards, Bill is also taking me to see It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood in a few weeks, so you might say, the celebration isn't over!

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing we me about my special day, and I pray that wherever life finds you (birthday, or not!) that today is special for you, as well!

"With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come!"

- William Shakespeare


pam said...

Sorry about your UTI. :( ACV is pretty amazing stuff, isn't it?

Your photos are just beautiful. Looks like a lovely place to explore.

And a watercolor class! You've jumped right into your list.

We awoke this morning to a light snow. I've got the wood stove going, the bread dough setting, and just finished chopping some vegetables for soup for tonight's dinner. Kids are outside playing in the snow~ though it's barely covering the ground. I've made a executive decision not to travel into town today (roads look fine, though they did call school) and we're going to stay hunkered down and cozy. My favorite kind of day.

Kimberly Lottman said...

Awww! Snow days! I miss the excitement of small children when it snows. One thing I've discovered, though, is that the things I love (Autumn, Frito pie, the first snow, winter, hearty soups and stews, etc.), are not just part of the memories of my children's younger years, but at heart, who I am. I used to be afraid that life wouldn't be the same once they grew up, and on some level that is true. But the things I hold dear I can share with whoever the good Lord brings to my table, and I've also found I love them just as much if I'm the only one who participates. These simple rhythms of life, they sustain me! Enjoy your cozy day!