Sunday, November 3, 2019

Tea With Dawn - A Series of Tea Time Posts Hosted By My Dear Friend!

My dear friend, Dawn, of By Sun and Candlelight, is going to be hosting a series of TEA TIMES at her blog, and as soon I read about her plans I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and you're invited, too!

I have known Dawn (though we have never personally met), for several years now, and you might say that we are cut from the same fabric!  She is truly a KINDRED SPIRIT!  She has been hosting virtual teas around about this time of year for awhile now, and I've always enjoyed her lovely posts.  But this year I think she may have outdone herself, because she has assigned each week a theme, and it all just sound so wonderful!  Here's the schedule:

🍂1/8 - Fading Light / Cranberries / Frost
🍂11/22 - Cozy Nests / Earth's Bounty / Thankful Hearts
🍂12/6 - Heaven and Earth / Holiday Greenery / Christmas Trees
🍂12/20 - Winter Solstice / All Creation Waits / Gingerbread
🍂1/3 - Winter Stars / Comfort and Joy / Word of the Year

Doesn't that just sound delightful?  My mind set to racing with ideas for fun things I want to do and take part in the fun!  And here's what we can look forward to from Dawn! (from her blog)

"In each Teatime post I will share a pretty cup of tea and perhaps a special seasonal goodie (virtually, natch!) and I will also share some of my recent bullet journal/planner pages, focusing on current seasonal themes.

If you'd like to participate in a Teatime, you are most welcome! All are welcome to stop by and read/comment but I'd love to hear your take on my topics! You could post something at your own site and send me the link or you could send me a picture and your thoughts, and I will include them in my scheduled post."

I can hardly wait! The first party is THIS FRIDAY, and I do hope you'll join us. As Dawn is the host,  I'll be linking to her posts and commenting and I hope you will, as well!  If you're not familiar with Dawn and her blog or those bullet journals she mentioned, you should hop over right now and spend an hour, or eight!  Honestly, she is so inspiring! I've learned so much from her over the years! She is truly a dear friend!  You can check out her original post about the tea times, here, and if you have any questions, she is always happy to help, just leave here a comment!

And now I'm off to brainstorm what I want to bring to our first party!  Do you have any ideas?

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Dawn said...

Thank you so very much, Kim - for your very kind words and enthusiasm and for always being such a dear and supportive friend! I am so glad you will be joining me for Tea! :-)