Saturday, January 4, 2020

Six Small Things - .01

Today I've decided to resurrect a post I wrote for several years and that was often popular with my readers. I originally called it The Saturday Six, but this time around I'm going with Six Small Things. It's a simple idea, not original, a number of bloggers write similar posts.  I like it because I often come across ideas, articles and resources throughout the week that I think others might enjoy reading as well, and this provides me with an outlet for that.  So I hope you'll enjoy these posts and click through one or two of the links from time to time and come upon something inspiring!

※ 1. Why Keeping A Sabbath Should Be Your New Years Resolution.

※ 2. Ten Questions For A New Year

※ 3. Why Getting Lost In A Book Is The Break Your Brain Needs Right Now

※ 4. How The Loss of the Land Line Is Changing Family Life

※ 5. 7 Simple Ways To Read More This Year

※ 6.
"I like misty autumn mornings, and cold snowy winter nights. Rainstorms give me inner peace, thunder sets my soul aright. I care not for summer, days too long, the heavy heat. Give me candlelight evenings, early darkness, a silent street." 

 - Natalia Crow

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