Thursday, January 23, 2020

Wrapped Up In It

Things have been incredibly quiet in this space recently, if only that were true of my life on the other side of the screen right now! I've had little time for writing or taking better pictures than the one you see above, and when I went to look for something pretty to adorn this post with I was shocked by the lack of beauty I've document recently. I took the picture of the basket of blankets because of the way the light was falling across them, but unfortunately that didn't really translate in the picture. But, in consideration of a title for this post it proved a good fit, though soft blankets is far from what I've been wrapped up in.

Instead, I've been busy with things like this. . .

Helping my husband install insulation in the top of our van, or this . . .

Selling things like this lap quilt. along with several other items I have posted on a number of yard sale sites right now. Both of these pictures are indicative of how I've been spending my time, the latter more than the former. Tending to those yard sale posts is a frustrating business. We got off to a good start, making close to $50.00 the first day. Then I thought I had sold the lap quilt pictured above twice, only to have both buyers back out, one after considerable conversation and arrangement for pick up. That's the part I don't understand, because when I am the buyer I don't comment and especially don't go as far as to discuss when and where to pick the item up unless I know I seriously want it. Apparently I'm alone in this.

In the mean time, when I'm not selling or covered in insulation, glue or any other number of materials used in converting a van into a home on wheels, I've been s-l-o-w-l-y weeding through the hundreds of bookmarks I had saved on my computer. To be honest I don't even remember what number I started at, but I'm down to 26 and that's an accomplishment. Some of them I'm keeping, but in a little more manageable format, in a document on my computer. If it's a recipe, I copied and pasted the whole thing and eventually I'll go back and organize them a little better. For now the objective is to make sure I have it saved somewhere tangible in the event that one day it is no longer available on the internet.  My plan is also to print them out, in the event my computer gives up as well. :)

But The bulk of what I am keeping are ideas and inspiration that I want to use in formulating my seasonal books, or planners, I'm not really sure what to call them yet, that I mentioned in my previous post. Right now it's all in one very large document, categorized under various headers, one for each season and then by month, holiday, etc. There is also a good amount of "Other Resources" at the end of the document that I wasn't sure quite where to put but knew I wanted to keep.

This all may sound like I'm just moving things from one place to another, and on some level I guess that's true, but having it all in a document allows me to work with the content without having to be online, and in my mind at least, it makes more sense. I also deleted SO many links and questioned what my idea for saving them was in the first place. If it sparked my imagination the first time, I don't recall why, and to be honest, I hope it doesn't come back to me because there's a good chance, I suppose, I may have deleted something that I truly wanted. So far that has not been the case.

With that, I am thinking towards February and Candlemas, which is coming up on February 2. It's so much nicer than Groundhog's Day, which occurs on the 2nd as well, and it still fun in it's own right. I hope to have a post up about some special ideas and resources for observing this lovely day the first of the week, so if you're interested be sure to pop in! I've got a few ideas for some other things I want to share as well, but we'll if and when time allows.

Until then,


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pam said...

I'll be checking back! My birthday is on Candlemas. And you are right; that sounds ever so much more lovely than "Groundhog Day!"