Tuesday, April 21, 2020

30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge - Beginning May 1

I mentioned yesterday that one of the things I am grateful for is cross-stitching, and I did a little more of that last night while my daughter and I watched Frozen ll,which I was pleasantly surprised to discover, I liked! I'm always skeptical about sequels as they've often let me down. Maybe it helped that I remember next to nothing about the original, but all in all, the sequel was pretty good. Anyway, my plan is to turn this little beauty (it's smaller than it looks), into a magnet to go on our tiny little refrigerator in the van.

But that's not really my reason for posting today. This morning I wanted to follow up from my previous post . I had mentioned  that I was creating some tools to aide me in my quest to focus more on gratitude, and I finished the first one yesterday afternoon. Here'a a little peak, and if you like, you can download a **FREE** copy for yourself by following the link at the bottom of this post.

I did some research on Pinterest and perused a few gratitude challenges that others had created, borrowing a few ideas from them and adding my own to come up with 30 days of different things to be grateful for. Based upon my research, what many others have listed are essentially their favorite things and why they are grateful for them, so that's what you'll find here, as well.

While I'm already listing 3 things each day that I am grateful for, beginning May 1, I am going to follow the prompts listed in this challenge. And yes, I realize that there are 31 days in May, but hopefully by then this will have become such an engrained habit I can just take it from there. I'll be blogging about some of them, here, so if you're interested in that or if you want to join me, then be sure to check back! I'm also working on a 52 Week Gratitude Challenge with topics to focus on every week of the year and I hope to have it up by the end of the week. So if focusing one thing a week rather than something new every day sounds more your speed, keep an eye out for it!

Until then friends, be grateful for the day!

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