Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Sweet Offering In These Trying Times

Well, I really haven't meant to be so quiet or to step away from the space for so long. I truly miss it. I come here every day, look at it and think how lovely it is, throw around a couple of ideas for a post, but for some reason in light of all that is taking place in the world, nothing really seems fitting. I haven't even worked on my book for a couple of weeks now, but I've decided to get back to that this weekend and try to write a little every day.

It' isn't that I'm fearful, although I guess a little fear is a healthy, appropriate response during this time. It just feels wrong, at least to me, to just continue on with what now seems like frivolous topics, when all over the world people are dying alone and families lives are being tragically reshaped. It's just sad.

And yet I feel compelled, in fact, I need to write. So I've decided if there is one thing that we could all do with during this time, it's a little beauty and inspiration, and there is still plenty of that to be found. So at least three time's a week I'm going to be posting links to inspiring articles, beautiful images, free movies and concerts that I've come across that are being made available right now, maybe even some recipes? I'm a little on the fence about that one as I know a lot of people are struggling to get the specific things they need right now and being forced to make do. But maybe I will, just on the off chance that you  have the items on hand, or perhaps you'll be able to locate them. I'll include lovely quotes, poetry, links to inspiring articles, and such. I've even come up with a name for it, one that was originally supposed to be a monthly newsletter I was thinking of producing, and may still, eventually. But for now, it will begin here, in the format. So may I introduce . . .

As the bee is one of my favorite things on earth and spends its day busily collecting pollen and nectar from here and there, it seems fitting to have it represent my hodge-lodge of sweet gathered offerings I'll begin tomorrow, as this is Holy Week, on Maundy Thursday, then again on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and then next week I'll begin a regular schedule of posts on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and will continue so until we are on the other side of this pandemic. I hope that you will join me here, and that your spirits will be encouraged and uplifted!

I'll see you tomorrow!

- Kim

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