Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Bee: Small Things, Gathered - Volume 1 Issue 1

Good morning, and welcome to the first edition of The Bee! And just in case you're wondering what exactly this is all about, you can find out more about that in this post.

Spring has definitely sprung in our neighborhood, and I'm not sure there has ever been a lovelier one! I made this comment on FB recently, and a friend shared that perhaps with everyone being ordered to stay at home that we simply have more time to take it all in. But I've been a keen observer of nature and beauty all of my life, and in my opinion at least, this spring is one for the records.

We've been on self imposed quarantine going into our fourth week here, but that hasn't kept us from getting out at least once a day, some times twice, for a walk around the neighborhood. We are so blessed to be living where we are during this time, among these quaint, old historic houses with their beautiful lawns and big, mature trees. The cherry blossoms this year have been simply breathtaking, and mixed in with the dogwoods and redbuds, its truly a sight to behold. I took this picture on our walk yesterday morning, which was just spectacular. We had some pretty strong storms blow through earlier that morning, and there were a lot of petals on the ground, but I could not believe how thick the cherry blossom petals were in this one area. They were just beautiful, even on the ground!

And now, here are a few small things I've gathered today to sweeten your time at home.

- You Tube is airing a different Andrew Lloyd Webber musical every Friday at 2 p.m.  It began last week with Jospeh and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (I skipped that one). And this week's offering is Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm not sure about it, either. But there are rumors that some of his most popular productions, such as Phantom of the Opera and Cats may make the list, so keep watching!

The Globe is doing something similar, offering six plays free on You Tube. Hamlet is the current offering, but they have a schedule posted at their website. I'm hoping to watch Hamlet over the weekend.

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. 
The difference between them sometimes as great as a month."


I also wanted to make you aware of a movie that I just found out about today that is available to watch for free.  It's called The Windemere Children. Based on the true story of child Holocaust survivors who were brought to England’s Lake District to recuperate with the help of volunteer therapists, “The Windermere Children” is penned by “Home Fires” writer-producer Simon Block, and is directed by “Any Human Heart’s” Michael Samuels. Without their families, the children find kinship in each other and form bonds that give them hope for the future.

You can stream it for free here until May 3.
If you are a homeschooling family, are you familiar with Libraries of Hope? Our baby graduated last year so those lovely days are behind us, but in recent months I've been considering expanding my own education and reading some of the wonderful books that I missed in my childhood. I was especially drawn to this series of readings and videos on The Mother's Heart, and I plan to begin watching it tomorrow. There is just-so-much here to peruse, so pour yourself a cup of tea sand settle in.

"No matter how long the winter.
Spring is sure to follow."


A Hygge-ish Life
I belong to a Facebook group that posts the most beautiful, uplifting and inspirational images every day. In fact, I have them set to show up first in my feed before anything else. If you want to add a little hygge beauty to your day, I encourage you to join! 


I came across this blog just this past week, Cottage Chronicles, and I-AM-IN-LOVE! You should hop on over and pay her a visit. She also has an Instagram page and today at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (which will be 1:00 my time, Eastern) she will be hosting an essential oils class focusing on anxiety and stress relief, and I think we could all use a little relief from that right now! You can register for that by visiting her Instagram page.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this first edition of THE BEE. I'm still kind of trying to figure this out as as I go, so some things may change and others remain the same. I also just realized I didn't include anything for Maundy Thursday, so I'll be writing a separate stand alone post regarding that later this afternoon. Until then, I hope you'll find something here to bless you and fill your days with beauty!


Angela said...

Lovely! Thank you! said...

This is so very nice of you. Thank you!

pam said...

It’s so nice to see you back. I always appreciate all that you share.

Julie D. said...

This is great, Kimberly - loving The Bee! Thanks for all your work in hunting up loveliness for us . . .

Kimberly Lottman said...

Thanks to all of you for you kind comments! It does feel good to be back and to find some way of spreading beauty in these difficult times! You sweet comments are indeed an encouragement!

Happy Easter weekend!