Friday, April 10, 2020

The Bee - Small Things, Gathered - Volume 1 Issue 2

Well good morning, and welcome to another edition of The Bee! If you missed my first issue, you'll find it here! The Bee is published three times each week, beginning next week on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. This week it's Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and my plan had been to include content related to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, but when I began writing the first issue yesterday, I got to the end and realized I hadn't followed through on that idea, at all.

To be honest, I'm kind of glad. Not that Holy Week isn't important, because it is. In my opinion Easter is the single most important day of the year. I love Christmas and celebrating Christ's birth, but it was His rising from death and conquering the grave that gave those of us who have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior freedom from sin and life everlasting. Nothing is more important or deserves celebrating more than Easter!

That being said, I don't want to present you with last minute ideas and resources, either. In these far from normal times, it's not easy to just make a quick trip to Walmart or the craft store to gather the supplies you need. So instead I'm going to try to provide you with ideas and resources that are beautiful, inspirational and take little to no planning, or hopefully, utilize supplies you may already have on hand. And since I plan to share a variety of ideas in each post, if you find that you don't have what you need for one, you'll still be able to enjoy a few others. So with that, here's today offering of sweetness gathered from across the internet.

"When April scatters charms of primrose gold
Among the copper leaves in thickets old,
And singing skylarks from the meadows rise,
To twinkle like black stars in sunny skies;

When I can hear the small woodpecker ring,
Time on a tree for all the birds that sing;
And hear the pleasant cuckoo, loud and long --
The simple bird that thinks two notes a song."

- William Henry Davies
April's Charms
Taproot has a free coloring book available right now. You can download a copy for yourself, here. While you're there, check out their journal. It's full of lovely things!

"The year's at the spring,
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in his Heaven—
All's right with the world!"

- Robert Browning, 
The Year's at the Spring

If you're not familiar with The Circe Institute, I highly recommend perusing the plethora of resources that are available, some free, some not, all wonderful! Some of my favorites are their podcasts, of which I listen to a number, but among my favorites is The Daily Poem. You'll find it along with all of their other wonderful podcasts, here. But don't stop there, explore to your heart's content!

"When the April wind wakes the call for the soil, I hold the plough as my only hold upon the earth, and, as I follow through the fresh and fragrant furrow, I am planted with every foot-step, growing, budding, blooming into a spirit of spring." 

- Dallas Lore Sharp

For the Children
A Book Series Girls Will Love
In Grandma's Attic
by Arleta Richardson
I read these with all of my girls when they were little, and they remain a personal favorite to this day.
This is the first book in the series, but I'll write up a post soon with links to the rest to make them easy for you to find.

And for the Boys
Encyclopedia Brown
by Donald J. Sobol
I'll admit to not being much of an expert on boys or what they may or may not enjoy reading, but I read a few boys in the Encyclopedia Brown series growing up and remember enjoying them. Maybe you have a young man at home who will enjoy them, too.

And if you and your children like poetry . . .
- Poems For Boys And Girls - Volume 1
by Grace Morgan

- Poems For Boys and Girls - Volume 2
by Grace Morgan

For Mama
Miss Read - Village School
by Miss Read
If you've never read this lovely series, this is the first in the Fairacre collection.  There are many more, and most all of them are available from the archives!

At Home In Mitford
by Jan Karon
Another lovely series.  I've just started reading this series myself for the first time and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Just the balm my weary soul needs these days. If you've never read them, or just want to visit them again, just about every one is available at the archives.

The Stillmeadow Daybook and The Stillmeadow Calendar
by Gladys Taber
A dear online friend introduced me to Gladys a few years back and now I own a copy of every book she's ever written. Every one of them is simply scrumptious, but the Daybook and Calendar are two of my personal favorites.

And now my friends, I hope you have enjoyed this second edition of the The Bee. I apologize that I was so late in posting today, I fell asleep quite early last night and woke up and decided to completely re-work one section I had written with different resources and links, so it has taken some time. I also wanted to let you know that I had originally planned to offer the third edition tomorrow, but I think I would like to step back for a few days and just enjoy Easter weekend with my family. So, I will be back on Monday with the third installment, though I am not sure how early it will be posted. I typically like to post around 6:00 so it's fresh and ready for over your morning cup of coffee or tea, but as I am taking the weekend off, it may well be that I don't get it posted until around noon on Monday, so I hope you'll be patient with me.

Until then, I pray you have a blessed weekend with your family!

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