Monday, July 20, 2020

Monthly Mood Trackers

Recently I've been researching holistic health care in an effort to understand some minor but chronic health problems I've been experiencing over the past year or so. As the gut is "our second brain" and is widely responsible for many health problems, I've been looking a way to assess how my mental and spiritual health may be affecting my physical health. That led me to mood trackers, which I will simultaneously be using along side a health journal to look for any correelations. I'm also interested in how living in the van and closer to nature may or may not play a role in this, and I only wish now that I had actually done this sooner. I have been keeping a health journal for a couple of months now to track how various foods may potentially be affecting me, but until now I haven't though to track my mood, so it might be hard to compare the before and after. All that being said, I made up the ❈ MONTHLY MOOD TRACKERS ❈ for my personal use, but decided to make them available as a free download in the event that anyone else might want them, and if not, that's fine, too. There are literally hundreds of others available if my rendition doesn't strike your fancy. Just google "mood tracker". There's sure to be one out there that you'll like! You can click the link below to see my creation, below. ~ Enjoy!

January - December (Undated)

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