Friday, July 17, 2020

Ordinary Days of Small Things Summer Day Keeper

I apologize for going a-wall on you, but it's for a good reason!  My husband and I are ten days away from moving into our van full time and traveling the country. And while Covid-19 may keep us a little closer to home that we originally planned, we were just discussing a few days ago that we could spend six months in West Virginia alone and another six in the Smoky Mountains, not to mention all the beautiful places we have yet to see to right here in our home state of Virginia! But in spite of my longer than expected sabbatical from blogging . . . I have some good news!

. . . Albeit about six weeks late, I finally have the  SUMMER DAY KEEPER completed and available for download (see the link below). I also have the Phenology Wheels for June/July/August, so if you'd like you can at least fill in August! I'll be posting them later tonight or tomorrow morning.

After this posting the Season Keepers should be relatively easy as they are now all complete! It will just take a little tweaking of dates each season and then they will be up. That being said, I plan to post the Autumn Day Keeper next week so be on the look out for it! We will have wi-fi in the van, so as long as we are in signal I can still continue to post.

Right now my tentative schedule for posting is:

Autumn Day Keeper 2020 - Available July 24
Winter Day Keeper 2020/2021 - Available November 20
Spring Day Keeper 2021 - Available February 19
Summer Day Keeper 2021 - Available May 21

But for now I hope will enjoy the  SUMMER DAY KEEPER ❈, just click the link below!


Maria said...

Hello. I'm trying to download the file, but my account has no permission. Thank you.

Kimberly Lottman said...

I think I fixed the problem now, Maria, so you can try again. Please let me know if it works now! :)

Maria said...

It's perfect now. Thank you for sharing your work!! Good travel. said...

So very generous of you to create these pages! Wow, that went really fast with you and your husband being able to fix up your traveling van. Safe and fun travels to you!

Kimberly Lottman said...

I'm so glad that you enjoy them! And yes, things moved VERY quickly. If there is a bright side to Covid 19 it was that my husband wasn't able to work at his job, but was able to devote weeks and weeks now to working on the van. That really is the reason it came together so quickly!