Friday, December 18, 2020

My Gift To You
A Winter Idyll: Self Care and Pleasant Pastimes For The Holiday Season


Last year I decided to make up a little something as a gift for you, my readers, who have faithfully supported my ventures here. Many of you were appreciative and truly seemed to enjoy, A Cup of Cheer: A Selection of Seasonal Beverages. So this year I wanted to do the same thing and I've compiled something that I hope you will enjoy equally as well;

Self Care and Pleasant Pastimes For The Holiday Season

It's a small collection of craft ideas and recipes including bath salts, body creams, a recipe for a scrumptious stew that you could slow cook all day while watching old Christmas movies, and to help you I've even included a list of some of my favorites, perhaps even a few gems you aren't familiar with, and there are other lovely things, as well. It isn't much, just a small token of my gratitude and appreciation for the all the lovely comments you've left this year, especially since posting here has become more difficult with our transition to traveling full time.

You have no idea how excited it makes me to come here and find that one of you has downloaded my season keeper and shared how you're using it and how much it has blessed you! That just makes my day! My objective here has never been to garner a mass following, but rather to bless the lives of perhaps one or two with my offerings, and I hope this little gift blesses you as well. You'll find the link to the download below, and just in case you missed last year's offering, I've included a link to it as well.

I'm sure I'll be popping in again this coming week, thought it's going to be a busy one so perhaps not with quite the same regularity, but I'm already thinking ahead to the new year and have plans for some wonderful posts that I hope to get working on and get a number of them scheduled so that the time lag between when we have signal and when we don't won't be so long.

With that I pray you and your family are safe, healthy and blessed this holiday season, for you have truly blessed mine!

A Winter Idyll

A Cup of Cheer

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