Friday, December 11, 2020

Ordinary Days of Small Things - The Four Cardinals Playlist
A Winter Solstice Companion

If you recall, I mentioned in this post of a new solstice tradition that I was made aware of, Calling To The Four Directions. A friend of ours has graciously allowed us to park our van on his land through the month of December, and we are surrounded by wide open fields. As such,  I am hoping that be able to go on a solstice walk somewhere close by and spend some time in nature.

Ultimately, my dream is that one year I will be able to make a large solstice spiral as I mentioned in that same post. But regardless of the size or location, I am planning to spend some time in nature even if it's just sitting outside our van with a small tabletop spiral, my bible and . . . MY PLAYLIST!

Yes I've made another playlist! I linked to the songs for each of the four cardinal points before, but to make things a little easier, I decided to make another stand alone playlist so that if you do decide to listen to the music you won't have to come here to find it. You can follow, favorite and I think even download my playlists on Spotify, although I think to download you do need to have a premium account?

I also found a few other songs and decided to add them as well. I chose songs that seemed related to the them of the four cardinal points, and I'm pleased with the end result. I hope you'll enjoy it!


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