Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Music of Christmas

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, 
until it becomes a memory."


This picture is of my daddy taken during their first Christmas in their new house. I love this picture for all the things it entails, my daddy, who I adored, and that it was taken by their Christmas tree, because my daddy LOVED Christmas!

Almost all of my favorite memories from my childhood are associated with Christmas, and I credit my dad for that. I loved my mom dearly, but in all honesty I think Christmas was more of a nuisance for her. I'm not really sure why. She waited until the last possible moment to put up the tree, and some of my not so wonderful memories of the season are of her, frantic and frustrated over a string of twinkle lights that was no longer working. She was the type to sit and go through every bulb until she found the pesky culprit, something she passed on to me in my younger years until I realized it was NOT worth my peace, and better to just take a few minutes to drive to Walmart and buy new. It's been years since I've fussed over such things, but back then I'm guessing you also couldn't buy a new strand of twinkly lights for under $3.00? What mom may have lacked in Christmas spirit she made up for when it came to being frugal and practical, :).

But my dad was just the opposite, and I was and am just like him when it comes to the holidays. In my mind the tree cannot go up early enough! In fact, this is the first year I can recall in many that I didn't put ours up until after Thanksgiving, and that is all due to the fact that this year I am decorating a small van. This year our tree is VERY small, but lovely all the same. I'll post a picture of it soon, once I have it exactly the way I want it. :)

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the music, and my love for it was definitely passed down from my dad. To be honest I think I could listen to Christmas music all year round, and confession, I'm known to! Not with any regularity, but there are times when nothing else lifts my spirit quite like O Come, Come Emmanuel by Casting Crowns, Noel by Lauren Daigle (a newer favorite from the past few years), or some of my favorites from my childhood like Here Comes Santa Claus or Up on the House Top by Gene Autry. I love them for the uplifting, cheerful mood they evoke, but I think more than anything, I feel close to my daddy whenever I listen to them.

I have a very vivid memory of being with my dad during the Christmas season. The album I will be referring to (see below) was released in 1965, so I would have just turned four years old. We were in an auto parts or tire store, in fact when I looked it up I think the store is still there all these years later! I don't recall what we went there for, but once inside there was a large display of Christmas albums that was put out annually by The Goodyear Tire Company. In 1965 they released Volume 5, and on that particular day my daddy purchased that volume and added it to his collection. Memories are a funny thing. I forget SO much its often frustrating, but I remember every detail of that day. What I was wearing, the smell of the shop, the display of albums, and my daddy taking one and placing it on the counter and purchasing it. It many ways it feels like yesterday, and is so vivid that I could almost believe that I could step right back into that moment at will.

One of the things my dad loved to do during the holidays was to turn out all of the lights, light up the tree and listen to his Christmas albums. There were several Christmas albums in my dad's collection, but out of all of them this is the one that stands out the most in my memory, I think we listened to it more than any other.  It was this album that made me fall in love with the music of Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Doris Day and so many others.

Originally I thought about creating a Christmas playlist, I even made up the cover art! But now I've decided that rather than do that I am going to post links to the albums that were in my daddy's collection, beginning with this one. Any song I would have added to my playlist would have come from one of these albums, anyway, and posting them . . . well, like I said, my dad feels close. So I hope you'll enjoy them. Some of the links will be to You Tube playlists and others to Spotify.

Top Five Favorite Songs From This Album:

O Holy Night
Andy Williams

Caroling, Caroling
Anna Marie Alberghetti

Some Children See Him
Diahann Carroll

Silver Bells
Doris Day

It's Christmas Time All Over the World
Sammy Davis

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