Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pleasant Ways to Pass Unpleasant Times

I'm sorry that things have been so quiet around here this week. I have so many things I want to share, but this week, if I'm being honest, has been a bit stressful.

I'm having some tests done tomorrow, the kind that require a 24 hour liquid diet and drinking what I've been told is something a bit unpleasant. Fortunately I've been known to chew on garlic cloves to ward off a cold, so I do pretty well in the distasteful department. But texture is  another thing, so I've got my straw ready to push as far in as possible in an effort to avoid as much of my tongue as I can, so we shall see. But the greatest source of my stress is less about the prep and test, and more about seeing a doctor at all. I won't go into a lot of detail, but because of things that have happened to me in the past (unrelated to doctors, by the way), I don't handle examinations of any kind, well. 

So for now there's pine and cinnamon bubbling away in the diffuser, a cup of my favorite peppermint tea, and a nice broth and lemonade on the horizon. I bought four different blends of tea because I figured in the absence of substance, variety is the key. I may have gone overboard, but no bother, they'll get used up.

Breakfast is the hardest, what exactly does one have for breakfast that's a clear liquid? I don't think my stomach could handle the broth this early, so my objective is to simply try to push through with my peppermint tea. Any time I fast, it's the hours between 6-9 a.m. that the devil fights me the hardest. But if I can make it to 9:00, the urge to cheat soon passes, here's praying today will be the same.

I realized last night that my prep, being today, falls on St. Patrick's Day, and being mostly Irish, I'll claim that luck. We even awoke to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this morning, with the deposit of a fat little stimulus check, and while I have my doubts about government dependence, in this case, I'll take it.

We've decided to put most of it in savings, but we are allocating a bit for a little fun, so I'll pass some of the time today perusing my wish list at Amazon. I got out for a bit yesterday morning and picked up a few things I'd already planned to have on hand. The latest issue of Bella Grace, a new Charles Wysocki puzzle, though this time I went with a 300 piece. It seemed more doable, and finally, I've two new books on my Kindle, Return to Our Senses and The Gift of Wonder, both by Christine Sine. I'm also still on the hunt for a good copy (preferrably hardcover) of Snowbound With Betsy, because until I find it, my OCD self says they must be read in order I can't move on, but I'm also NOT paying the prices Amazon is asking. I found an old, tattered copy on ebay, but I really want the cover that is pictured in the link above as all my other books in my collection are. 

With all of this, not including my library of old movies, cross stitching and crocheting, I should be able to pass the time a little more pleasantly. The worst part will most likely be the dose I have to drink at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. My stomach has always been slow to wake up, so that one might be a bit harder to digest. But I'm trying to think positive thoughts, because I know our minds can be a powerful force and things are often not as bad as we imagined them to be. Still, I'll be glad when this is over. 

The tests are at 10:00 tomorrow, and while it's considered routine, there is a possibility that I may have Crohn's or IBS, and they'll be testing for both, so your prayers are much appreciated! As I mentioned earlier, I don't like doctor's in the first place and do my level best to avoid them at all costs. They have their place, it's just rather limited in my life, but this time I really didn't have a choice. Still, I try to be kind, but if there's one arena where my introverted self becomes rather outspoken, it's with doctor's and nurses. I'm not a pushover, and in the end since I'm the one footing the bill, I don't allow myself to be bullied. When I do succumb to the need to seek out their services, it's on my terms. So as you pray, maybe say a little prayer for them, too, they may need it. :)


Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Kimberly.


Kimberly Lottman said...

Thank you so much, my friend! <3