Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Blog Re-Launch Giveaway!

Good Sunday morning, friends! I'm here today on a day I don't normally post at the blog to elaborate a little more on something I hinted at last week, my blog re-launch!

As some of you may know, my husband I and became full time van-lifer's in July of last year, and traveled as we were welcomed due to the virus, up and down the eastern coast of the US. But by the time we came home for Christmas I had developed some minor but painful health problems that after a couple of months of testing and a diagnosis led to our decision for my husband to continue on the adventure without me. And while that is disappointing, I'm now comfortably settled into an apartment back in our home town. I miss my husband every moment of every day, but I must say I'm very much at peace and quiet content being back in a homier setting! I'm also in significantly less pain and managing my health problems well for the moment, and for that I am truly grateful! All that being said, now that I'm unpacked I'm ready to dive head first back into this lovely little blog! I do so love sharing with you in this space, and its something that without a strong cell signal I often was not able to do while we were traveling. I don't mind admitting, I missed it, terribly!

Another thing I'm enoying again is routine and ritual! Van life is great for those who want a new adventure every day, but I discovered quite surprisingly that I function better with a little more order and predictability. This has brought me back to some of my go-to tools for planning and organization, such as my weekly/monthly/seasonal filing system (I might have squealed loudly when I opened that box!), which I'll be sharing about in future posts. But before we dig too deep into the topic, I wanted to share some sweet little embellishments I recently purchased that have added an aesthetic flair to my planning! You can see them featured in the picture above. 

There are;
- Three small notebooks
- A monthly planner, small and compact, just the right size for tucking in your purse.
- A weekly planner, a bit larger but still small enough for to fit in most purses.
- A small set of sticky tabs (maybe my favorite!)
- A floral sticky note pad. 

I wasn't in the market for any more office supplies, but when I came across these I had to have them! I mean, look at all those shades of red/coral and green! They immediately reminded me of my blog header, and since I've recently organized a binder designated specifically to my blog, they were the perfect fit! The monthly and weekly planners is where I'll transfer important tasks from my bigger calendar so that I'll always have them with me. They will most likely be used for more than just my blog. I know most people use their phones for such tasks these days, but call me old fashioned, I'm just more of a pen to paper kind of girl when it comes to things like this. I can flip open a printed calendar so much faster than pulling up and scrolling through an app! The tabs and post its will come in handy, and while I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to use the notebooks for, my first thought is possibly brain-storming ideas and jotting down inspiration for future posts! 

But here's the best part! While I was picking up a set for myself, I decided to pick up an additional set to gift to one lucky winner! It's not much, just a small offering to thank my devoted followers who have stuck with me over the past year even through the sparse months! I have so many exciting things I want to share here with you in this space, and I can't wait to present my thoughts and ideas in the coming weeks! The blog re-launches on May 3 and that's the day that we'll start the contest and I'll pick a winner two weeks later on on May 17!  So if you'd like your own set of these sweet little organizational tools, here's the easy way to enter!  Just leave a comment on this post!  Then, for every comment you leave on each post I share between May 3 and and May 16, you'll get an additional chance to win! So if I write six posts between May 3 and the May 17 and you comment on each post, combined with your comment here will give you 7 chances to win! If you have a friend that you think would enjoy visiting with us here and might like to win, share this post with them!  I'll write everyone's name on a slip of paper and draw the winner on May 17 and post it here! Also, if you are "Anonymous" you'll need to include at least your first name in the comments. If you're the winner I will then be in touch to get the necessary information to mail out your prize!

I am looking so forward to sharing with here again! And I can't wait to see who wins! Good luck


❊ Comment on this post! - 1 chance to win

❊ Comment on each post beginning May 3 through May 16 - 1 additional chance to win per comment.

❊ Anonymous visitors will need to include at least their first name in the comments to be eligible.

❊ Comments close at 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 16.

❊ Drawing will be held first thing Monday morning, May 17 and the winner will be posted!


Anonymous said...

I am excited about your upcoming re-launch! And you know that red and green are my most favorite colors as well, so I sure would like a chance at winning your generous give-a-way!


Unknown said...

Well, those are certainly cute enough to use!
Glad you're feeling a little better too.

Anonymous said...

A lovely giveaway. I can't resist notebooks and planners and stickies! Barbara

Kimberly Lottman said...

Good luck to everyone, and be sure to come back and leave a comment on each post between May 3 thru the 16th for more chances to win! said...

Oops, I should've remembered to change my e-mail address when submitted (we just started a new one for when we move to our new (old) home state. I'm not an "unknown" commenter, I've been a follower for awhile now.
Thanks for the opportunity to be a contestant!