Thursday, May 27, 2021

An Explanation and Apology

But not for the reason you might think. I've known since early last week that I was going to take a break from Wednesday of last week through yesterday. My daughter was off work for five of those seven days (a rare thing), and we had company over the weekend.  BUT, I HAD POSTS SCHEDULED!, including one explaining why I wouldn't be responding to messages, or . . . at least, I thought I did. But then it always helps if you move the posts from the draft mode to the scheduled mode, and that never happened! 

So imagine my embarrassment when I signed on to my computer for the first time in a week today to discover that NONE of them had posted! I am SO sorry! Some re-launch, huh!!!???? But now that I realize that none of them posted, I'm just going to save them and post them going forward. It's actually a good thing, I guess, I'm now three posts ahead of the game! ALSO, the link to the download for the Ordinary Days of Small Things Summer Day Keeper  was among those posts, which I had originally promised would be available on the 21st! That will post tomorrow, still in plenty of time to start June 1! I'm also going to confess that somehow I had it in my head that Memorial Day was this past Monday and it had been my intention all along to post the link to it the Friday before Memorial Day, and in my ditziness, now it actually will, just on the 28th.

My apologies if you've been wondering what happened, maybe you didn't even notice, but either way, I'm sorry for the confusion! The link to the Day Keeper will post tomorrow and then I'll be coming at you strong again on Monday! 

Until then, I pray your weekend is blessed! 


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