Saturday, May 8, 2021

Follow Me On Pinterest!

Are you on Pinterest?  Follow me and look for my board dedicated to this blog, Ordinary Days of Small Things! I am going to **try** to post a link to each blog post, we'll see how it goes! But I have a LOT of other boards and pins for you to peruse if you care to!  Apparently I should have a business account dedicated solely to my blog, but I don't know about all that! That would mean two different Pinterest accounts, but I'm considering it! I'm also working on re-launching my Facebook Group page. One-thing-at-a-time. :) But if you don't follow me on Pinterest and want to, click the link below! 


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You get one entry for each post you comment on, but as an added bonus, if you're on Pinterest 
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Anonymous said...

I'm not on any social media. Just a plain old blog follower!


Kimberly Lottman said...

Ha ha! No pressure, ladies! Social media can definitely be a time waster. If I wasn't writing a book I wouldn't bother, and to be honest, even in that I'm not doing 1/2 of what the "experts" say I should be doing if I'm "serious". The only thing I'm serious about is doing what I feel God has led me to do, so if He's in it, I'll do what I think I can handle (and I'm not even sure it's all this social media hype!), and leave the rest to Him. He's the only "expert" I need. :)