Monday, May 3, 2021

Welcome, to Ordinary Days of Small Things,
I'm So Glad You're Here!

Good morning, friends! And welcome to Ordinary Days of Small Things!

As I mentioned a few week ago, today marks a re-launch, of sorts, of my blog. After traveling full time for six months last year and then spending four months in and out of doctor's offices, I haven't had much time to devote to writing.  But now that I'm back home and my health is on the mend, I'm ready to resume sharing with you again, and to begin I thought we'd start off with a little introduction!

Hi! I'm Kim, the keeper of this blog! I've been writing online for close to fifteen years now, most of that at my previous blog, Life in the Little Nest, which chronicled our homeschooling years in a small farmhouse in rural Virginia. Fast forward to today, our daughter's are grown, several of them married and with children of their own, and our baby is about to turn twenty-two. Where did the time go?

Now that there is no one left to teach I'm devoting more time to my hobbies and interests, which are varied and numerous.  I enjoy . . .

- Cross-Stitching (my primary hobby!)
- Crocheting and Knitting (I've tried knitting several times without much success, but I'm determined!)
- Cooking and Baking
- Reading, My favorite genre's are vintage children's literature from the 50's and 60's, self-help/inspirational and biography.
- Watching old movies and listening to oldies on the radio.

This past year, a bit late to the game, I began focusing on living a more simple, sustainable life. I am currently experimenting with making my own non-toxic cleaning and beauty supplies, as well as developing a home apothecary for treating minor injuries and illnesses naturally and holistically. 

Some of my favorite things are Sunday mornings, the colors red and green, that first cup of coffee, full moons, the smell of rain after a storm, and old black and white photos of my ancestors.

If any of these things. appeals to you, then I hope you'll pour a cup, pull up a chair and join me! I love comments, they make blogging so much more enjoyable, so I hope you won't be shy! But as the self-proclaimed poster child for Introverts Anonymous, I welcome lurkers, too! I have so much I want to share with you, a broad mix of topics, many which I've mentioned in this post and then some! My goal is to show up here two to three times a week, so be sure to visit often.  If you ever have questions you can leave them in the comments or email me at

Until next time, I hope your work week is off to a lovely start! My goal this week to take a full inventory of our freezer/refrigerator and pantry and plan meals based on what we already have. I'm putting together a recipe/meal planning notebook, and I'll be sharing more about that soon! If you're interested in learning a **little** more about me right now, you can read my "About Me" page. 

Savoring the moments,


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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading all you have to share, Kimberly!


Kimberly Lottman said...

Thank you, Pam!

Melissa said...

Will you be close to all of your daughters this time?
We are in the process of moving back to the Midwest (Ohio) where we are originally from. We have currently been living in eastern PA. We'll be back with family, more importantly with our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.
Thank you for sharing.

Kimberly Lottman said...

@Melissa, my youngest daughter and I are living together, so, yes! I'm happy to be back with her. But it's a trade off, because Bill is still on the road! :) I have children in California, New York and Texas, and I miss them all! <3

Teri said...

Dear Kim,

I find your 'little space' so heartwarming. I am so happy that you are on the mend. I love keeping our home neat and tidy. I love quiet and gentle living. We have a very small home with a tiny plot of land. My favorite hobby is piddlin' and putterin' around our little cottage. I love to read. I am enjoying your 'little space' as I have my morning cup of coffee. Sweet pleasures and simple blessings in your day.

Homespun Hugs, Teri

Kimberly Lottman said...

@Teri - I am so happy to meet you, I think we're kindred spirits already! I'm a piddler and putterer too! <3