Saturday, September 11, 2021

Small Things - September 11, 2021

 "Life is not, for most of us, a pageant of splendor, but is made up of many small things, rather like an old fashioned piecework quilt. No two people have the same, but we all have our own, whether it be listening to Beethoven's fifth with a beloved friend, or seeing a neighbor at the back door with a basket of white dahlias. Or after a long, hard day, having the family say, "That was a good supper."


In no particular order, here are six small things that inspired me this week.

1. The Herbal Academy is currently offering their Cold and Flu Season Ebook as a free download at their website.  I have already made fire cider, and I'll be making elderberry syrup this week! 

2. Verity Folk School is a lovely site I just discovered this week. 

3. Small Batch Fig Jam  Last year I discovered the delight of small batch jam, which typically does not involve pectin, as is the case with this recipe.  I LOVE figs, so I'm looking forward to trying this later in the season.

5. My Need For Alone Time Is Not A Reflection On You As an introvert, this article really spoke to me!

6. Stories For the Soul This is a FB page, and for that reason I hesitated to post it because I know several of you don't do social media. I have a love/hate relationship with it myself, but it is my primary connection with several members of my family back home in Texas, as well as many of my friends from elementary and high school.  

Last year after much debate, I finally decided to "unfollow" 90% of those people, but let me explain. We are still "friends", which is a loose term when it comes to FB, however I don't see what they post in their feed anymore unless I intentionally click on their name and go to their page. I love my "friends", but some of the things they were posting was leaving me in angst and unsettled.  Doing that has completely changed my FB experience, as now the only thing I see in my feed are the positive, uplifting posts from pages and people I follow. Every now and then even one of the few I do follow will still "get into it", I guess you could say, which for the past going on two years now has either been about Covid or the President. Personally, I "try" to stay out of it. Although admittedly from time to time something will, as my daddy used to say, "Get my dander up!" And if you're wondering, why the link? That is because after all of these years I realized as I was typing that (which I heard OFTEN growing up!), that I had no idea what it meant! Now I do. So consider that a bonus!

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