Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Beginning Next Week!
Tuesday Afternoon Tea: A Cozy Gathering With Friends!

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, beginning next week, Tuesday, November 2, I'm going to host a regular post and tea time right here at my blog! I thought for awhile about what to call this, and though it's hardly original, for now I've settled on TUESDAY AFTERNOON TEA: A Cozy Gathering With Friends!

It's pretty simple, really. Every Tuesday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. I'll post my entry for the week, which will always feature three things.

1. What tea cup or mug I've chosen to drink my tea from.

2. The flavor of tea I'm drinking.

3. What special tea-time treat I'm enjoying.

I'll post a picture, just as I've done above as an example, and share a link to the tea I'm drinking as well as a link or recipe for my chosen treat.  

In addition, each week will feature three topics for tea-time discussion, which will spark some cozy, seasonal conversation throughout the upcoming holiday season.

To participate, simply leave a comment and share what tea and/or treat you're enjoying and you can also choose to discuss any or all of the proposed subjects for discussion. If you have a blog, feel free to write up a post and link it, or if you have a picture you can email it to me at


and I'll share it with everyone in a future post.  Also, if you don't care for tea any beverage of choice will suffice! :)

And here's the fun part! Every person who participate and leaves a comment that includes the three things mentioned above; 1.) What tea cup your using. 2.) What tea your drinking and 3.) What treat your enjoying as well as your thoughts on at least one of the topics for discussion, will get 1 entry to win a COZY WINTER WELLNESS KIT which I'll be mailing out mid-January of 2022! And, if you have a blog and write a post and link it, OR send me an email with a picture of your tea cup and treats you'll get two chances to win! The teatimes and contest begins November 2 and lasts through December 28, so that you gives you nine chances to enter your name in the drawing, and double that if you write a post or send a picture by email.

I know the holidays are busy time, but we could all do with a little pause in our week for tea, right? I've had so much fun planning this and coming up with the subjects for discussion each week, and I hope you'll enjoy these posts just as much. I'm going to be slowly curating the COZY WINTER WELLNESS KIT! I'll be keeping track of all your entries and enter each one into the drawing which will be held on Tuesday, January 4. I'll announce the winner here at the blog on that day and get it mailed out the following week.

And now for the topics for discussion for each week;

November 2 - Getting to Know You * Pumpkins * Falling Leaves and Fading Light
- Share a little about yourself, one of your favorite pumpkin recipes, and your thoughts, or perhaps a poem that speaks to the falling leaves and fading light that are so symbolic of this time of year!

November 9 - First Frost Cranberries * Autumn Apothecary and Self Care
Have you had your first frost yet? Know a lovely poems about frost? What are some of your favorite recipes featuring cranberries? What are some of your best autumn wellness and self care rituals and recipes?

November 16 - Thankful Hearts * Apples * Home Blessing
What are some ways that you are intentional about focusing on being thankful in this season? What's you're favorite apple based craft or recipe? In the weeks before Thanksgiving each year I like to give my home a good cleaning, a blessing if you will, before the holidays officially begin. What are some of your best home keeping / home blessing tips?

November 23 - Over the River: Thanksgiving Memories * Family Recipes * Traditions
What are some of your fondest memories of Thanksgiving? Have a special family recipe that you always make this time of year and don't mind sharing? What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

November 30 - A Homemade Christmas * Oranges * Pleasant Pastimes
Every year I make at least few new decorations or treats for Christmas, what are you making this year? I love recipes and crafts featuring oranges this time of year, have one to share? If you've followed me for very long then you know that Cross-Stitching is my favorite hobby. Do you have a favorite hobby or pleasant pastime?

December 7 - Cozy Homes * Warming Spices * The Movies and Music of Christmas
Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Post a picture! Share your favorite recipes that include warming, cozy spices like cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg! What are your favorite songs and movies that celebrate the season?

December 14 - Winter Solstice * Gingerbread * Grandma's Kitchen
Winter is on its way! Share your favorite traditions for celebrating the Solstice! Gingerbread is one of my favorite treats this time of year, so let's share our favorite recipes! Have a favorite memory of Grandma or a recipe she passed down to you that you can share?

December 21 - All Hearts Come Home for Christmas: Christmas Memories * Family Recipes * Traditions
What are your fondest memories of Christmas? Have a favorite Christmas recipe to share? What are some traditions you and your family enjoy at Christmas?

December 28 - A Bright New Year * Following the Bear (Home Hibernating) * Winter Apothecary & Self Care
What are your hopes and dreams for the New Year, how do you ring it in with your family? Now that winter is upon up, it's time to nestle in and enjoy cozy warm evenings by the fire, what is your favorite way to hibernate? What are some of your best winter wellness and self care rituals and recipes?

Wow! That's a lot of thoughts for discussion, right? But remember, you don't have to discuss every topic, just choose one and leave it in the comments along with the three other required elements to qualify for the drawing, but you're welcome to discuss them all, if you want to! 

Also, if you have a blog and want to write a post and link it, I've made up this cute graphic you can download to include in your post!

Right click and save image to your computer. Upload it in your tea time post!

I've added it to my left side bar at the top of the blog to easily access all the related posts going forward!

And so my friends, he fun begins next week, Tuesday, November 2 when we'll take tea and discuss . . .

Getting to Know You * Pumpkins * Falling Leaves and Fading Light

And don't worry, I'll leave a link to this post each week to remind you how to participate and at the bottom of each weeks post I'll remind you of the topics for the next weeks discussion. I can't wait for our first tea time and hope to see you there!


e l i z a b e t h ♥ said...

Wow! This sounds amazing! I think I shall join in on my blog as much as possible…I can’t resist teatime and your themes sound delightful! How fun!

Kimberly Lottman said...

Hi, Elizabeth! I'm so glad you want to join in! Looking forward to visiting with you here and at your blog! <3