Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday Musings

A cup of tea 
A quiet nook 
A cookie and 
A picture book 
A lump of sugar 
On my spoon, 
Now that's a PERFECT afternoon. 


 I had the loveliest weekend, filled with lots of movies, crafting and cross-stitching!

If the piece at the top looks familiar, it's because I've posted it before, or at least, sort of. The original picture shows these two pieces together, but the second one was, at the time, unfinished. When I ran across the picture, it occurred to me that I needed to finish it, but for one reason or the other I couldn't find it anywhere. I also discovered some noticeable errors in the original, and since it was no where to be found, I started it again from scratch early last week and finally finished it this weekend. I love how both pieces are similar and yet not the same. The original (with the coral house) has a spot in the family room and I'm thinking the other will make its way into my bedroom, which could do with a few embellishments.

The pieces in the bottom photo were all finished over the weekend, while re-watching Cranford. I also enjoyed watching Charley and the Angel (an old favorite!), and I watched Moon Spinners for the first time, though I fell asleep towards the end and still need to finish it. I didn't care for it as much, although it was nice to watch something I'd never seen before. I've also recently been taking in episodes of The Brady Bunch during my lunch hour. There are few sitcoms from the 70's that transport me right back to childhood like The Brady Bunch. It was my Friday night line-up, along with The Partridge Family, but I tried watching re-runs of it and I just can't stomach it.

I mentioned on Saturday that I was going to make an apple pie, and I did manage to get that done early Saturday morning. I've heard so many wonderful reviews on this recipe, so I was anxious to try it. But I'm sad to say, I didn't like it. I think it's the granny smith apples, which I've never cared for, so I might try it again with something sweeter. I ate one piece, and since my daughter is allergic to apples, the rest is still sitting in the pie plate. :/ I think next year I'll stick to my apple crisp!

I also made the chocolate salt dough that I linked in my post on Saturday as well. I have plans to make some cute little salt box house shaped buttons to adorn some future cross-stitching projects, but I was so busy actually cross-stitching over the weekend, that I didn't get around to it.  I have the dough keeping in an air-tight container and I'll be making them up some time this week.

The best thing about the weekend was that the temperatures finally dipped into the 40's and stayed below 70! I had the windows open, and still do! I had hoped to make up a big pot of vegetable beef stew, but I'm waiting for my friend to post her recipe. Instead I made One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese from Damn Delicious. Normally I love her recipes, but this one, in my opinion, was just "eh".  It got a lot of good reviews, but my guess those are homes with young children because I can see where they would like this. It's not bad, just not for me.

On the food side it might appear as if the weekend was a total disaster, but it didn't feel that way!  I think all the projects I was able to complete more than made up for it! So what fun things did you do this weekend? Have you tried any new recipes, read a good book or watched a good movie lately? Share in the comments!

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