Saturday, October 16, 2021

Small Things - October 16, 2021

"Life is not, for most of us, a pageant of splendor, but is made up of many small things, rather like an old fashioned piecework quilt. No two people have the same, but we all have our own, whether it be listening to Beethoven's fifth with a beloved friend, or seeing a neighbor at the back door with a basket of white dahlias. Or after a long, hard day, having the family say, "That was a good supper."


In no particular order, here are six small things that inspired me this week.

1. This Country Christmas Tea sounds so good! A friend of mine posted about it on her Instagram account and I bookmarked it immediately!  I'm hoping to purchase some at the end of the month and I'll be sure to write a review.

2. And speaking of Christmas, I'm planning on making some tiny salt dough ornaments this weekend, as well.  But rather than just plain salt dough, I found a recipe for cinnamon and chocolate dough! I can't wait to give them both a try!

3. And now back to tea! Drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon is a regular part of my daily rhythm, although I do tend to fall away from it in late spring and summer. But I'm especially fond of it this time of year. If "tea time" is something you'd like to incorporate into the natural flow of your days, you might want to read this article.

4. Meagan's blog, in general is so lovely and packed with lots of cozy, autumn offerings, such as; Cozy Autumn: A Seasonal Autumn Playlist,  4 Autumn Essential Oil Blends To Give You All The Autumn Feels, Embracing The Season of Autumn, and there are several others. I've added her blog to my list of Kindred Spirits in the right side bar, in case you want to visit with her again!

5.. I've seen so many posts raving about this apple pie. I bought all the ingredients to make it this weekend, so I'll let you know what I think!

6. Have you ever made a sourdough starter? It's on my list of things I want to master. I'm hoping maybe this article will guide me a little, so that I can then make this bread!

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