Friday, October 29, 2021

Vintage Halloween Playlists & Kiddie Records

With Halloween just around the corner, today I thought I'd share some vintage halloween playlists and kiddie records with you! Perfect to help set the party atmosphere, or just to enjoy with your family over the weekend!

I'm probably dating myself here again, but no matter, because the older I get the more I appreciate growing up in the 60's and 70's and especially the nostalgia of it that I thankful the internet still allows me to enjoy and share today, like Kiddie Records!

I fondly recall my little turntable and my small collection of Kiddie Records, in particular a little song about Katie the Kangaroo which has stuck with me all of my life!  So I was delighted to come across this website, Kiddie Records Weekly,  many years ago, and to be able to share some of these gems with my children. They have a few seasonal selections, in fact there's an entire page devoted to Christmas. The entire website is filled with gems, so I'd encourage you to peruse it, especially if you have littles in your life. There are a number of stories they would enjoy, but here's one with a Halloween theme. 

composed and narrated by Lionel Barrymore

I thought I recalled this website having more than this, but I was able to pull up a few that I recall us listening to and a few new-to-me ones, as well!

And finally, here are two other playlists that I found that contain 45 minutes of not so scary but still fun Halloween songs that would be fun for a party, or again, just to play during the day to set a fun mood.

So if you celebrate Halloween and are looking to add some fun ambiance to your celebrations, hopefully one or more of these will do the trick. Yesterday was a busy day for me, so today find's me playing catch up on some household tasks and my daughter and I are actually celebrating Halloween tonight since she has to work on Sunday, so there's lots to do. I'll still do a few things just for a little fun for myself on the actual day, including watching The Wizard of Oz! With that, here's wishing you all a Happy Halloweekend!

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Katie said...

How fun is this?! Thanks for sharing :)