Monday, November 8, 2021

What I Did This Weekend

The weather this weekend was absolute perfection, and for all that perfection I still managed to spend almost every bit of it inside. But no matter, I was busy "puttering", which is a lovely word I like to use for housework, but you know, the fun kind, where you add a few new touches here and there, move a few things around, change out your coffee bar with holiday cups and buy the ingredients for a scrumptious cocoa bar. Yes, that's what I call puttering. In the midst of all this loveliness there were still the usuals, dusting, laundry, and taking out the trash which seems to happen all too often, but because I was busy puttering I didn't seem to mind.

This past week was hard. A deer hit my car as my daughter was driving it home from work Wednesday night. I'm not sure what the insurance company will do. It's an older model and my guess is they won't think it's worth repairing. But I love that little car, so we'll see. For the time being that leaves me without a car, and to be honest the deer problem is SO bad around here right now I'm honestly afraid to get a rental. My daughter has a little SUV and we go almost everywhere together anyway, so I'm not homebound, and if you know me I probably wouldn't even care much if I was. I used Insta-cart for the first time this week to order some groceries. The first delivery was free so I took advantage of that then promptly cancelled it, but I will say, if it were not for all the fees an introverted girl could get used to that sort of thing!

Then on Thursday night my daughter went to a late movie with some friends and accidentally left her wallet underneath the seat and we have yet to recover it. She put a hold on all of her cards and we posted about it on a very active local FB group, but so far no luck. I think we are going to try to go back to the theater tomorrow and look for ourselves. They said they looked thoroughly, but I don't really trust was with the same level of thoroughness I require. I'm praying for a miracle, but right now it looks like a loss. 

Both of these incidents left me pretty stressed, and so on Saturday I just decided to try to put it all out of my mind and into the Lord's hands and spend the day in the kitchen. It's been years since I canned anything, but I bought a canner and some other supplies back in the spring and determined to learn to make a few things. Since we live in an apartment I can't garden, certainly not enough to require canning, so I settled on making a couple of different kinds of marmalade and Cowboy Candy, which is just candied jalapenos. Since it's just me and my daughter right now I made small batches. I made three 4 oz. jars of Cranberry Orange Marmalade and three more of Spicy Orange Marmalade, and six 4 oz. cans of Cowboy Candy. I've found that the 4 oz. jars work best for us as it's typically just the right amount for 2-4 servings,  and avoids waste. I also made candied orange peel and oh my is it good! You might recall in my Advent post from last week that I included a recipe for Chocolate Orange cookies. Well, the recipe calls for candied orange peel. I had a little on hand last year, but I ran out and when I started looking to purchase more I didn't want to pay the price for an ingredient I use probably once, maybe twice a year. So I decided to google how to make it myself and am I ever glad that I did! I can't believe the difference in the taste and quality, though that shouldn't surprise me, but it so good! Thankfully I did read where a few had said that you need to boil the orange peel for 10 minutes, drain it and then boil it at least once and perhaps even two more times to kind of soften and melt away the pith to keep it from being bitter. So I did that and then continued on with the recipe and it turned out SO good! I'll be sharing more about all of the things I made in upcoming posts, so be watching for them!

I started reading a lovely little book at The Archives today, Winter Blessings: Thoughts and Poems To Warm Your Heart. I know it isn't winter for a good six weeks or more, but once the leaves begin to fall from the trees and we have our first frost, my heart turns delightedly to the cozy days of winter, which I'm honestly beginning to believe may even surpass my love for Autumn, it's hard to say! I love every season, in it's time, but as I've said before, the "ber" months are by far my favorites and from now until mid-March I'm more contented than at any other time of the year. Anyway, the book is just lovely, so much so that I've decided a digital image copy won't suffice and I ordered a good used copy from Amazon. Unfortunately it won't arrive until around the first week of December, but I've found those time frames are often wrong, so maybe it will come sooner. None the less, it will be here before winter actually arrives and until then I can make do.

And now my friends I have a busy day of less than puttery delights to attend to, but that's what makes those days all the sweeter, right? It's just like one of the quotes in Winter Blessings said;

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be some welcome.” 


I hope you had a lovely weekend, as well, my friends! Feel free to share your happenings in the comments, I'd love to here. And don't forget to check in for Tuesday Afternoon Tea tomorrow when our topics for discussion will be First Frost Cranberries * Autumn Apothecary and Self Care

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