Saturday, December 18, 2021

A Magical Celtic Christmas

 Good morning, my friends! So perhaps what I need is not so much a "break" but to release myself from a self imposed obligation to post regularly over the next week. I've said so many times before, I am NOT an influencer and have no aspirations to be. I trust God to send out my offerings to those who will enjoy it and be blessed by it, whether that be one or a hundred people. That being said, while I do try to post with some regularity, if there are any "expectations" they are personally, my own. :). 

This week I came across the loveliest album on You Tube, that I'm actually saving for the solstice on Tuesday. It's too lovely not to share, so I wanted to make sure to provide you with a link to it. 

A Magical Celtic Christmas

Unfortunately there are ads between almost every song, so thankfully I was able to find it on Spotify. We have the family plan so we can listen without ads, so if you happen to have that as well, I would recommend listening to it there. 

Also, if you're looking for a lovely movie to watch (not Christmas but perfect for the solstice), I highly recommend watching Treasures of the Snow. A powerful story about the power of forgiveness and redemption. Based on a book by Patricia St. John, who has also written others.

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