Thursday, February 24, 2022

40 Things in 40 Days - A Lenten Challenge

Good evening, friends! My, what a day it has been! We had not one, but three different plumbing problems here at the apartment today. I'm not sure our poor maintenance man was able to attend to anyone else's needs as he was here the greater part of the day. But thankfully now everything is fixed, well, except we've now discovered a problem with our thermostat, but that's a different person on a different day. What's the old saying, when it rains it pours? :)

Anyway, I've just about got my final post on my personal Rule of Life written up, but since it's a little more involved, I'm going to save it until tomorrow. Because of the delay, I'll also be combining the last two practices into one post, so keep an eye out for it if you're interested. 

All that being said, I thought tonight I would share an idea with you that I often like to do during Lent, and that is the 40 Things in 40 Days Lenten Challenge. I first saw this challenge years ago back when we were homeschooling, and we've participated in it many times. Someone would typically host the challenge and everyone would sign up. But the past few times I've just done it myself. There have even been a few challenges that were even 40 bags of stuff in 40 days, but since we downsized before we moved in to the van, I'm not sure I  have that much to get rid of. But I know I can come up with at least 40 things, especially if I go through all of my yarn, thread, and craft supplies. I also seem to have a fondness for blankets, hand towels, and tablecloths. I'm a sucker for the seasonal hand towels that Target puts out in Bulleye's Playground. I always buy them with the intention of using them to stage pictures for my blog posts, but in the end, I always end up using the same ones. So, my plan for them is to go through them and decide which ones I really want to keep and then put them to use. I also need to be mindful of my daughter's needs as she'll be moving into her own place this summer. But even with those considerations, I'm still certain finding 40 items won't be hard!

In years past when the children were little, I would get them in on the fun as well, and then we'd have a small yard sale and use the money to go do something fun as a family. One year I sold the items on FB Marketplace and then donated the money to charity, and I really enjoyed being able to do that. But since we only have one car at the moment, meeting up with buyers might prove to be a bit challenging at the moment. There are a few thrift shops in our area that take donations and then resale them to fund programs for local charities, so that's a consideration, as well. I know at least one of them will even come and pick your things up, which would be a plus.

Anyway, if this sounds like something you'd like to join me in doing, I'd love to cheer you on! I'll be posting what I've collected from time to time throughout lent, and if you'd, you can just leave a comment either on this post or in subsequent posts in the future. Hopefully by the time I've collected everything I'll have figured out what to do with it all.

I hope you have a restful end to your day friends! Be sure to join me tomorrow as I wrap up my Personal Rule of Life series, and then next week we're on to Lent!

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