Monday, March 28, 2022

A Slow Start To My Spring Cleaning

I cleaned the front door, repaired a rug in our entryway, cleaned these two black shelves, the T. V. cabinet and purged my DVD collection today, and that is all. It might sound like a lot, but considering its only half of the family room and my plan was to finish the entire room today, it's not as much as I had hoped to accomplish.

There is a virus going around town, not that all-so-familiar one, this is the 24/48 hour good old fashioned variety, but it is a doozy and highly contagious. My daughter and her boyfriend both had it late last week, and then on Saturday I started to feel queezy. Thankfully one of my friends had posted earlier that day about grape juice and how she swears by it, and reminded me that I do too! If a stomach bug starts making the rounds at your house, go by some grape juice and have everyone start drinking it, even if they are already starting to show symptoms. Don't ask me what the magic is, I don't quite understand it myself, but it works. It will lessen the symptoms of those who are sick and help keep the others from coming down with it. You can google it, but you'll find a wide array of opinions and skepticism, but I'm telling you, I did this for years when my kids were little and I rarely if ever got sick even if my kids were. Our friends would all come down with it, and we would start drinking grape juice and be among the few in our circle who didn't get sick. So skeptics or not, I swear by it. With that, I think I caught my symptoms a little late, so while I didn't get the full onslaught, I have had this mild ache in my stomach for a few days and not much of an appetite. Actually, I am hungry, but only for very specific things, like. . . cheetos? Anyone else a weirdo like me and when you're stomach is upset, rather than having no appetite you get cravings for very odd things? I don't understand the science behind that, either, all I know if the only thing that sounds good to me is tacos and I eat them, they do not upset my stomach when other things that shouldn't, do. Maybe its all in my head, but even then, if it works, . . . it works!

So with that my spring cleaning is going a little slower than I had planned, and I'm ok with that. I'm holding things loosely and not putting pressure on myself.  My husband won't be home until early May, so technically I have the whole month of April and a few days to boot, but . . . this isn't my favorite task, so my preference would be to get it done quickly. 

I already knew that I was going to have to rethink a few things, as one of my closest friends is moving to Georgia in a few weeks and asked if I wanted to hang out this coming Friday, which was the last day of cleaning. We aren't leaving until noon and I thought I might be able to still squeeze it all in, but then when I got hit with this bug, even mildly, everything took a turn. So now my plan is to try (fingers crossed) to do everything but the kitchen this week and bump the kitchen to next Monday, since its the biggest job and takes the most time. I'm really hoping I feel much more myself after today so that I can hit the ground running tomorrow morning and try to make up for lost time, but we will see. It could be that in the end I spread it all out over this week and next, which is fine as well.

As I'm cleaning, I'm also going through everything and purging once again. Today it was my DVD's and for as much as I love old movies, I did manage to eliminate a few. I'm going to be passing most of them on to my daughter in New York who shares my love of old movies, so that will be fun. I made up my boxes for Keep (Relocate), Donate and Sale today and started filling them. The keep box I will end up sorting through again in the end and making some final decisions. I've decided that if I can't think of an immediate use and place for the items in that box, into the donate box they will go.

So while I wasn't able to get as much done as I had hoped, it is nice as I sit and write up this post, to look over and see how nice and clean these shelves are, and to know that behind the doors of the TV cabinet, all the DVD's are organized and everything it in its proper case. It's funny how you don't really realize how things kind of weigh on your mind, knowing that disarray is lurking behind closed doors, and how good it feels when its all in its proper place, or maybe I'm weird like that, too! 

If you're spring cleaning, too, I'd love to hear how things are coming along, so be sure to share in the comments. If you have questions about anything in these pictures, feel free to ask. I considered writing up a little summary on each one, but that would have made this post entirely too long, so I decided if anyone is curious, you can ask. The people I love most in this world are represented here, most of them gone now. But since I wasn't feeling well, it was a nice task to take on, enveloping me a hug of memories. Hopefully I'll feel up to doing more tomorrow!

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